AC Contractors: All About Dirty Air Filters

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According to AC contractors, air filters are one of the significant components of air conditioners. Just like other parts of the air conditioner, they develop problems that you should have them fixed as soon as possible. One of the main issues that the air filters have is getting dirty.

Things that make air filters dirty

Many things can make the air filters dirty. The obvious one is dirt that comes in from the outside. The primary role of the air filters is to sieve the air that gets into the house from the outside. As you know, the air contains dust that is trapped by the air conditioner filters. In the process, the dust makes the air filters dirty.

If you love pets, it’s common for them to shed hair. This hair often ends up in the air filters preventing them from working as effectively as they should. According to AC repair professionals, you can prevent the pet hair from getting on the air filters by regularly vacuuming the house regularly. You also should make it a habit of frequently brushing your pet.

Another thing that results in the dirt of the air filter is high MERV rating. When the air filter has a high rating, it’s able to trap even very minute dust particles; thus it gets dirty.

Effects of dirty air filter on the air conditioner

Dirty air filters have a lot of impact on the air conditioner. One of the effects is that they increase the air cooling bill. When the air filter is dirty, not enough air can go through, and this results in the air conditioner working harder than it should. AC experts report that this results in it consuming a lot of energy.

Experts also report that a dirty air filter makes the fan motor work harder than it should. This also contributes to the air conditioner consuming more energy thus the high energy bill at the end of the month.

What to do about dirty air filters

When your air filters are dirty, you have to options: clean or replace them. If they aren’t too dirty, you should clean them, but if they are clogged, or they are damaged, consider replacing them. The cool thing is that you don’t have to hire an HVAC company to help you do it. All you need to do is open the air filter compartment and remove the filter.

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