AC Contractors: Tips On How Save Energy With Your Air Conditioner

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One of the ways of keeping the house cool is opening the windows and doors so that the cool air can get in. While this trick works when the temperature isn’t too high, in most cases it doesn’t work especially when the temperature is too high. While you have to use the air conditioner at this time, there are a number of tricks recommended by HVAC contractors on how to save some of the air conditioner energy.

Air conditioner energy saving tips

Keep the AC lower at night: Since you are in the blanket at night, you don’t require the same level of conscious cool as when you are in the sitting room. When going to sleep, turn the air conditioner down so that it runs less. If you are using a modern unit, try using the sleep mode to lower the output of the timer.

Make use of portable AC: As you might have guessed, a portable air conditioner is one that you can easily move from one part of the house to another. To save energy, you should make use of these units to cool the different parts of the house. The units come in handy as you can move them to the rooms that you specifically want to cool.

Seal the vents: If you have a vented air conditioner, you should seal all the vents. At the beginning of the cooling season, you should ask an AC contractor to inspect the vents and fix any holes that might be there. In addition to sealing the vents, you also should consider insulating your home.

Rearrange the furniture: If you didn’t know, it’s good you know that the way you arrange the furniture determines how efficiently the air flows in the house. To allow the air to flow easily, you should rearrange the furniture in such a way that the air moves without any obstructions.

Turn off the light: While the lights might look beautiful in your home, they increase heat, and the air conditioner is forced to work harder than it should. To lower how it works and also reduce the energy consumption, you should turn off the lights if you can.


These are some of the tricks recommended by AC contractors on how you can save the energy consumed by your air conditioner. To ensure that your unit functions in top condition all the time, hire an air conditioning maintenance professional at least once a year to inspect the unit and fix any issues it might be having.

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