AC Contractors: Understanding AC Problems

AC contractors

Just like any other appliance in your home, the air conditioner develops problems that can slow down the functioning of the unit or even bring the unit to a halt. HVAC contractors recommend that you fix the problems as soon as you notice them.

Common AC problems

Some of the common difficulties with the air conditioner include:

Dirty or clogged filters: Dirty filters are not only unsightly, but they also result to your unit working harder than it should which increases the energy consumption. The dirty filters have also been shown to reduce the lifespan of the system. To avoid this problem, you should regularly inspect the filters and clean them if dirty. If they are too damaged, you should consider replacing them.

Leaking refrigerant: The coolant is located within the coils of the HVAC system, and their sole role is to cool and dehumidify indoor air. Low levels of the refrigerant mean that the air conditioner can’t do its job as properly as it should thus your house isn’t cooled properly. Low coolant levels have also been shown to result to overworking of the air conditioner translating to high energy bills and overworking of the system.

Malfunctioning of the thermostat: The thermostat regulates the amount of air that your unit produces. Due to regular setting and resetting of the unit, it’s common for it to develop problems that can see your energy bill getting too high or your house not getting cooled as it should.

Improper air balance: For the cooled air to reach your house, it passes through a series of ducts. Dampers control the air by reducing airflow in one line while allowing the conditioned air to the other areas of the house. If you have some rooms that are cooler or hotter than others, it’s because the dampers are imbalanced.

What to do to the HVAC problems

As mentioned above, when you notice an HVAC problem you should diagnose it as soon as possible and fix it. Some of the signs of problems in your unit include: unusual noise, odors, and high heating bills. If you have the skills, you should go ahead and fix the problems but if you have never done it before, hire an AC repair professional to help you.

To avoid the bother of repairing the AC, you should undertake proper air conditioning maintenance. You should replace the air filters at least once a month, recalibrate the thermostat, and conduct regular AC inspection.

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