AC Repair Companies: 4 Ways In Which You Might Be Damaging Your Air Conditioner

Did you know there are plenty of things you might be doing that are leading to the destruction of your air conditioner? Here are some of these things as given by AC repair companies:

Your air conditioner isn’t of the right size

If you visit many homes, you will find them using air conditioners that are either too big or too small for the rooms they are looking to cool. Most of the homeowners have the impression that bigger is always better. This is very wrong.

You should note that when you use an air conditioner that is too big for your home, you will be making the rooms too cold. The air conditioner will also be consuming a lot of energy thus hiking your monthly power bills.

On the other hand, when you use an air conditioner that is too small, it means that it will be working too hard than it should, which reduces its lifespan. You also don’t cool the house as effectively as you should.

Do you want the air conditioner to continue functioning optimally? Get the right size. For you to buy the right unit you should hire a contractor who will help you in calculating the exact amount of cooling capacity that your home needs.

For the contractor to do it, he/she needs to consider the layout, insulation, square footage, and load-generating appliances.

You haven’t placed the air conditioner at the right place

Where have you placed the air conditioner? This is crucial as placing it in the wrong place will result in it failing to work as effectively as it should. The improper location has also been shown to greatly affect its energy use.

Many people place the unit in an unused corner of the house. While this area might seem as the best place to place it, it usually results to the unit overworking thus becoming too expensive to keep your house cool.

The best place to put your heavy air cooling appliance is in a shaded area where it isn’t in direct contact with the sun. Here, the unit will work more efficiently thus require less power to cool the house. When installing the units, you also should pay attention to drainage. Place them tilted back slightly to allow proper drainage.

While you should place the air conditioner in a shade, ensure that it isn’t blocked by shrubs or any other objects. This is to ensure that it breathes properly thus working as efficiently as it should.

When undertaking the air conditioner installation, pay attention to the location of the thermostat. For you to prevent the unit kicking on every now and then, ensure that the thermostat is positioned away from the lamps and other appliances that might generate heat.

You don’t clean the air conditioner

Almost all homeowners know that they need to clean their air conditioners, but studies show that only a few of them clean them. This results in them having clogged up units that not only fail to cool the air, the units also tend to consume a lot of energy.

For your air conditioner to function optimally you need to keep it clean. One of the things you should pay attention to are air filters. These determine the quality of air that gets into the house; therefore you need to ensure they are clean all the time. As rule of thumb, you should clean them once every month.

You also should pay attention to the air vents. Inspect whether they are clean. If they aren’t, clean them. You also should check whether they have leaks where cool air might be getting lost.

You keep the air conditioner running 24/7

There is nothing wrong with keeping the air conditioner running the entire day as you have a cool house all the time, right? Wrong. When you keep the unit working the entire day, you not only consume a lot of energy, you also reduce the lifespan of the appliance.

The best way of going about it is shut the air conditioner when you aren’t using it. For example, during the day when you are at work, HVAC companies Huntington recommend that you shut it. You also should shut it at night when you are in the blankets and don’t need a lot of cool air.

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