AC Repair Services: 6 No-Cost Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

AC repair services

When many people are having issues with their air conditioners, they rush to hire expensive AC repair services providers. Others opt to replace the units altogether. Did you know that sometimes all you need to do is to make a few tweaks to your unit and it will function optimally? Here are some of the no-cost ways to improve the efficiency of your unit:

Keep heating appliances away from the thermostat

Televisions, heaters, ovens, and others make life easy, but they produce a lot of heat that keeps the air conditioner working longer and harder. When the heating appliances are located near the thermostat, the thermostat picks the temperature reading and triggers the air conditioner to start working.

As a consequence, the air conditioner keeps on working which translates to a high energy bill at the end of the month.

For you to keep your bill low, keep the heating appliances as far away from the thermostat as much as possible. You can move the thermostat or the appliances. It all depends on the one that is easy to move.

Keep the curtains and blinds closed

It costs no money to close the blinds in your house. When you leave the curtains open, the sun rays get into the house warming the insides of your home. The thermostat picks up the readings and triggers the air conditioner to start working.

As you might guess, this translates to a high energy bill at the end of the month. The air conditioner also doesn’t last for a long time as it works for a long time.

For you to reduce the amount of heat getting into the house you should keep the curtains closed especially on the windows facing the sun.

Clean around the outdoor condenser unit

From its name, the outdoor condenser unit is located outside the house. Since the outdoor unit isn’t the most beautiful appliance to look at, many homeowners hide it in the less visited areas of the home.

Due to this, it’s common for grass and other vegetation to grow on it. It’s also common for dirt, debris, and dust to accumulate in it since few people pay attention to it.

Due to the grass and debris, the air conditioner functions as if chocked. In addition to it consuming a lot of energy, it also tends to have a short lifespan.

To keep the outdoor unit in top shape you need to clean it regularly. Cleaning it with a simple garden hose is often enough to get the work done. If the grass has grown around it, cut it short.

For you to keep it in good condition for a long time, keep it under a shelter. This way you protect it from the harsh sun rays, rainfall, animals, and birds.

Increase your thermostat settings by a few degrees

In most cases, when people are having issues with their thermostats, they run to the stores to get new ones. Don’t do this. Increasing the thermostat settings by a few degrees in summer has been shown to save a lot of money and energy.

When you raise the settings, it means that the air conditioner doesn’t have to work too hard. As a result, you save energy and money. The unit also tends to have a longer lifespan.

Keep the vents unblocked

Vents play a vital role in ensuring efficient airflow; therefore, when they are blocked, the air conditioner struggles to maintain the flow. Regularly inspect the vents and if they are blocked, unblock them.

You also should keep blinds, toys, and furniture as far away from the vents as much as possible. This is to ensure that they don’t get in the way of the vents.

Avoid using the dryer and oven

These two produce a lot of heat that triggers the air conditioner to start working to lower the heat. An overworking air conditioner not only fails to cool the house as well as it should, it also tends to consume a lot of heat. The unit also tends to have a short lifespan.

If possible, HVAC repair companies Smithtown providers advise against using these two appliances in order to avoid adding too much heat in your house.

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