AC Repair: Taking A Look At AC Problems

AC repair

Do you have an air conditioner? If you have been having the unit for a long time, you know that it develops problems now and then. To return sanity to your home you have to hire an HVAC company to fix the issues.

Common AC problems

While the unit can develop many problems, some problems are more common than others. The most common problems with these units are:

Frozen inside coil: Frozen inner coils come about due to blocked return air ductwork or dirty air filters. According to AC contractors, this problem is one of the most common during the cooling season. The cool thing about this issue is that you can easily fix it.

All you need to do is shut off your air conditioner so the coils can unfreeze. This not only results in your air conditioner continuing to work efficiently, but it also protects the compressor from getting damaged.

Wiring issues: You will have wiring problems when the air conditioner has gone for years without maintenance. The unit will also have the problems when the wiring is done improperly. When you have wiring problems, you put your unit and even your property at the risk of catching fire.

HVAC professionals also report that the wiring issues prevent the unit from getting consistent power supply thus the air conditioner doesn’t function as optimally as it should.

Drainage problems: During the cooling process, the air conditioner produces condensate which the air conditioner has to drain for it to continue working properly. Due to poor maintenance, the condensate drain is blocked causing the liquid to start building up in your home. If you notice a leakage around the coils, you should remove the condensate using a pump.

Tips on how to handle AC problems

There are two ways in which you can handle the AC problems: Prevent them from happening or fix them before they get worse. Since prevention is better than cure, you are better off preventing the problems from coming about. You can do this by hiring an AC expert at least once a year to inspect the air conditioner and fix any issues it might be having.

During the inspection, the contractor can identify even the most minor problems and get rid of them. Another thing you can do is to fix the problems as soon as they happen. Here you need to hire an AC repair professional as soon as you notice a problem with your unit.

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