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AC repair could be an expensive deal; not taking care of it on time could mean getting a whole new system. It is not always necessary to call a HVAC repair man to take care of the cooling or heating problem. You should be able to first diagnose the problem and then work on solution. At times, diagnostic reflects a very simple repair which can be done by anyone. Paying an expert for that high price for a simple repair at times feels stupid. Today, we are going to discuss some easy and simple diagnostic repairs that you can do to keep your AC maintained and functioning. A word of caution though, if you don’t feel comfortable with any of these repairs then it’s always better to call an expert.

DIY AC Repair Tips

Check the breaker

Most of the time, the AC won’t turn on because of the breaker. Whenever you can’t get the AC to turn on, then the first check should be the breaker. If the breaker is down, then you don’t need an AC guy, you need an electrician. Checking breakers would save you from calling an AC repair tech and then an electrician, both of which could charge high trip charges.

Check the Thermostat

Thermostat helps the HVAC system maintain a constant temperature. If the thermostat is battery operated, then the reason for uneven cooling or the temperature not being maintained could be the thermostat. Also, at times the thermostat might also fail in turning the AC on at the right time making the house warm. So do try and change batteries and see if that help.

Check Filters

Filters though small, play an important role in the functioning of the AC syste. If your filters are dirty, then the cooling won’t be proper. It can clog drain lines. The coils could get all messed up. Just because of dirty filters. Cleaning out the system, unclogging the drain lines could all be avoided by simply changing or cleaning the filters. Take note, there are some filters that are washable, while there are others that need to be replaced. So you should know if the filter is washable or replaceable.

Check the Ducts

If you don’t mind doing the dirty work, then climb in your attic and see if your ducts are clean and the air has a smooth flow. The easiest way of checking the condition of the ducts is by checking the vents. If you see dirt or mold deposit on the vent blades, then it is time to check the ducts. If ducts are not clean, then it could lead to blockage of registers.

These are just certain checks and repairs that can be done at home easily. If your AC still doesn’t function properly, then it would be best to call a trusted and experienced AC repair company that can take care of all your problems.

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