Air Conditioning Maintenance: Areas To Focus On

air conditioning maintenance

To have peace of mind that your unit is functioning optimally and also save money you should undertake proper air conditioning maintenance. While there are many areas of the units that you should pay attention to, to keep the unit in top shape, there are some that are crucial, and you shouldn’t ignore them. These include:

Air filters

From a casual look, air filters look simple and of no impact. The truth is that they are highly valuable. If you leave them uncleaned, they clog preventing efficient air flow. This results in the unclean air in the house. The dirty filters also result to the overworking of the air conditioner. This not only translates to you having a high energy bill, but it also puts your unit at the risk of breaking down.

The proper way of going about it is cleaning the air filters at least once a month. You can do the work by yourself, but for ideal results, let an experienced AC contractor handle it.

AC coils

Two of the most popular coils in the air conditioner are the evaporator and condenser coils. The condenser coil is located on the inside of the house while the evaporator coil is located on the inside. For your unit to work optimally, you need to clean them. The coils tend to have fins that you can bend resulting to problems in your unit. To avoid this, hire an HVAC company to do the work for you.


The thermostat is the one that regulates the air conditioner. Due to the constant setting and resetting of the unit, it’s common for it to lose its original configuration. At least twice a year, ask an AC repair professional to inspect the thermostat and reset it to the normal working conditions.

Air duct

According to AC experts, a minor air duct leak results in a loss of up to 25% of air conditioner efficiency. This results to you spending up to 25% more on energy bills. The leaks are also paths for contaminants such as dust, pollen, mold and many others. Even if your air ducts don’t have holes, they might be having dust in them that can prevent the AC from working as efficiently as it should.

To keep the air conditioner working efficiently, you need to inspect the air duct and clean it if dirty. If leaking, hire an AC ductwork professional to help you fix it.

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