Air conditioning maintenance Ronkonkoma: Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Air conditioning maintenance Ronkonkoma

For your air conditioner to last for long you have to maintain it. Due to the popularity of the topic there are many myths surrounding it. If you are undertaking air conditioning maintenance Ronkonkoma or anywhere else in the US you need to be aware of these air conditioning  maintenance myths:

You don’t need to hire an AC contractor to change the air filter

Air filters remove dirt and debris from the air entering your house thus ensuring that your house has high quality air. It’s recommended that you change or clean the air filter once every month. While you can easily clean or replace the air filter even without any air conditioning skills, it’s recommended that you hire an AC contractor to do the job.

Many homeowners feel that hiring a professional to do the work is a waste of money. What most of these homeowners don’t realize is that in addition to the professional cleaning or replacing the air filter, he/she also inspects the air conditioner and fixes any problems that it might be having. This saves you money that you would have spent hiring an AC repair professional. You also have peace of mind as you know that your unit is in good working condition.

You should hire a contractor only when the AC has problems

This is very ignorant. According to AC technicians, AC problems don’t come from nowhere—they gradually worsen with time. This means that by the time you are noticing a problem, many things might already have gone wrong. To be safe and save money, you shouldn’t wait until your unit develops problems—you should regularly hire a professional to inspect your unit even when it’s working perfectly.

As mentioned above, during inspection the professional might pick a problem and fix it before it gets worse. This saves you from surprises and high costs of paying an expensive emergency AC repair professional.

Installation of a new AC solves all the problems

While an old AC requires constant repair and doesn’t work efficiently, installation of a new AC doesn’t mean that you will solve all the problems. In addition to purchasing a new unit you also need to insulate the AC ductwork. You also need to install the thermostat at the right location and set it correctly.


These are the air conditioning myths that you need to be aware of. For effective maintenance of your unit you should work with experienced HVAC contractors Ronkonkoma.

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