Central Heating Unit Repair: Unraveling Gas Heating Systems

Central heating unit repair

A gas central heating system is one of the most commonly used units in many homes. Heating contractors report that it’s loved by many as it’s easy to maintain. It’s also cheap to keep it running.

How the gas heating system works

The system has three main parts: the gas boiler, gas jets, and water pipes. The gas boiler has a steady supply of natural gas that leaves the gas main into the street. The gas jets are directed into a pipe that contains cold water to be heated. The water pipes travel around your house supplying the heat. The water is pumped by an electric pump that directs it around the pipework and radiators. As the water travels through the radiators, it gives off some of its heat thus warming your house. You should note that for the water temperature to remain high you need to keep firing the boiler.

Guide on how to maintain your gas heating system

For the heating system to function optimally and have peace of mind that you are safe, you need to properly maintain your gas furnace. There are many ways in which you can do it. Some of the ways recommended by heating unit repair professionals are:

Bleeding the radiators: Also known as venting, this process involves the removal of air trapped in the radiator. In most cases, the pockets get filled with hot water that makes cold spots that prevent the radiator from getting as hot as it should. This results in you spending a lot of money on home heating as the heating unit functions inefficiently. To tell the best time to undertake bleeding you should feel the radiator. If the bottom is warmer than the top, you should vent your radiator.

Pipework: When the heating system is working under a lot of pressure, you are bound to have a strain in the pipework. For peace of mind, central heating unit repair professionals recommend that you inspect the pipes for leaks. During the inspection, you should listen to the pipes and if there are any noises, hire a professional to take a look at them.


A gas central heating unit is energy efficient thus a cheap option to keep your house warm. To keep the unit in top shape you should regularly inspect and fix even the most minor problems you come across. You can inspect the unit on your own but for ideal results hire an HVAC company to help you out.

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