About Central Heating Unit Repair And Maintenance

Central heating unit repair

A central heating system is a system where heat is generated in one area and circulates to the other areas of the house. While the system is termed as central, it doesn’t mean that it should be located at the center of the house—it can be located anywhere in the house. According to home heating repair professionals, the main reason why many homeowners love the units is because they are easy to maintain. Some of the ways of maintaining the systems include:

Thermostat care

You need to take care of the thermostat for your unit to function optimally. There are many problems that the thermostat might develop. One of the problems is the improper adjustment. When the unit is improperly adjusted you have to hire a professional to recalibrate or replace it if damaged. This problem often results to short cycling. This is where your heating unit turns off for a short time—usually 3 or fewer minutes. You can do the recalibration yourself by following the user’s manual but if the thermostat is damaged, hire a contractor to replace it.

Clean and repair heating system air ducts

The heating systems heavily rely on air ducts to transfer the hot air from a central area to the rest of the house. To prevent leakage thus increasing the efficiency of the central heating system, you should regularly inspect the ductwork and fix any flaws it might be having. If there are open joints, you should reseal them using duct tape. For the corroded ducts, consider replacing them. You can do the work yourself or hire an HVAC contractor to help you out.

Take care of the air filters

The air filters allow clean air into your heating system thus keeping it functioning optimally. While working, it’s common for the air filters to accumulate dirt and dust thus reducing the heating system’s efficiency. The dirt and dust also make the heating unit work harder than it should. This not only translates to high power bills, it also reduces the lifespan of the unit. To maintain the integrity of your heating system you should regularly clean the air filters. If damaged, consider replacing them. HVAC contractors recommend that you replace them once every month.


This is what you need to know about the central heating system and how to maintain it. For ideal results, leave the maintenance work to a central heating unit repair professional.

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