Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Services: Common Portable Air Conditioner Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Heating repairPortable air conditions are not only energy efficient, they also tend to be highly convenient. While they have been around for a long time, many people still make plenty of mistakes with them. The most common mistakes as given by commercial air conditioning repair services include:

Buying the wrong unit

Everything begins here. If you buy the wrong air conditioner, there is no way you are going to get ideal results from it. For you to get the most from the unit, you should buy the right one.

One of the things you should consider is the size of the air conditioner. The ideal size to go for is one that matches the size of your room. The larger the room, the larger the air conditioner you should get and vice versa.

You also need to consider the amount of energy that the unit consumes. As a rule of thumb, avoid a machine that consumes a lot of energy as it will be too expensive to maintain.

Improperly installing the air conditioners

Most of the portable air conditioners function optimally even without any form of installation. The few homeowners who feel that they should install the units tend to do it the wrong way.

The first mistake they do is to hire any contractor they come across. This is wrong. The right way of going about it is hiring a contractor who is highly experienced at the installation of portable air conditioners.

During the installation, ensure that the hose or hoses are properly connected to both the back of the unit. Keep the hoses straight. If you need to bend them, avoid sharp angles.

If you have exhaust hoses, you should note that they are extendable. While this is the case, keep the hose length as short as possible. This is to allow maximum cooling.

Failure to clean the air filters

Every homeowner knows that the air filters are the lifeblood of air conditioners. When the air filters aren’t functioning properly, they make the air conditioner work too hard.

For your air conditioner to function properly you should keep the air filters clean all the time. The frequency at which you clean the filters depends on how you use the air conditioner.

If you have a dusty house or there is someone in your house who is prone to allergies, you should consider cleaning or replacing the air filters more frequently.

According to air conditioner repair services providers, there are plenty of issues that come with having dirty air filters. They include:

  • Reduced air conditioner efficiency
  • High costs of maintaining the unit
  • The air conditioner takes longer to reach its desired temperature
  • The air conditioner works harder than it should
  • Compromised indoor air quality
  • You should clean the air filters if they are dirty or clean them if they are washable.

Placing it at the wrong place

The other mistake you can make is placing the air conditioner at the wrong place. While the unit is highly convenient as you can move it around the house, many homeowners make the mistake of placing it at the wrong place.

As rule of thumb, avoid placing it near direct heat sources. These include kitchen appliances, stereo systems, big screen televisions, and computers.

Placing the air conditioner near the heat sources makes the unit work too hard which not only leads to the unit consuming a lot of energy, it also tends to reduce the lifespan of the appliance.

The right way of going about it is placing the portable air conditioner at least 10 feet away from the heat producing appliances.

Just as you should avoid placing the units close to the heat producing kitchen appliances, you also should avoid placing the air conditioners in direct sunlight. You should be cautious of sun-facing windows and open doorways.

In addition to avoiding doing the above, AC repair services Port Jefferson providers recommend that you also should work hard at reducing the number of heat producing sources in your house. You can do this by:

  • Turning off the unused lights
  • Replacing the light bulbs
  • Covering the windows that let direct sunlight into the house
  • Sealing the windows, doors, and other openings
  • Installing proper insulation
  • Staying away from stoves and ovens in the hottest weather
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