Commercial HVAC Companies: Ways To Cool The House Without Air Conditioning

Did you know you don’t have to use the air conditioner every time your house gets hot? There are a number of things you can do to cool the house without even using the appliance. Some of the things you can do as given by commercial HVAC companies include:

Cover the windows during the day

Windows allow natural light into the house which makes the house look large and comfortable. At the same time, they allow in heat which makes you use the air conditioner.

To reduce the amount of heat getting into the house, cover the windows during the day. Also, consider installing thermal curtains or draping thick materials such as bedspreads over the windows.

When constructing the house, construct a house with smaller windows especially in the areas of direct sunlight.

Keep the windows closed at night

While you should open the windows during the day, keep them closed at night. At night, the temperatures are low. To stabilize the temperatures, open the windows. This calls for you to remove the covers from the windows and open them as far as possible.

Do you have double hung windows? Open the top sashes too.

Keep the air moving

Letting the air in at night is good, but it’s even better when you keep the air moving. If you have two windows that are in line with each other or positioned diagonally, ensure that they are both open.

Encourage the air to move through the room by using window fans. One fan will blow the air from the outside, while the other window is reversed and blows the air outside.

Avoid using hot appliances

Most appliances give off residual heat. Other appliances give off a lot of heat which increases the temperature in the house. Some of the units that give off a lot of heat are the oven and clothes dryer.

To reduce the amount of heat in the house, you should reduce the use of the appliances producing a lot of heat. For example, instead of using the dryer, consider using an indoor drying rack.

You can also avoid using the oven, and use a microwave instead. If you can, avoid cooking in the house.

Readjust the ceiling fan

If you have been using the ceiling fan, consider yourself a smart energy user. During the cold season, set the fans in the clockwise direction so that they can distribute warm air.

In summer, when you want a cool house, set the fans to run counter-clockwise. For you to do this turn off the fan then while standing on a chair, find a small switch on the side of the fan housing. Adjust the fan to run in a counter-clockwise direction.

Turn off heat producing lights

Do you have incandescent lights in your home? Consider turning them off. You will even be better off removing them altogether.

Replace the heat producing lights with others that don’t produce a lot of heat.

Keep your bed cooler

For you to avoid using the air conditioner, think about sleeping cooler. You can do this by lowering the sleeping area. Put the mattress on the floor or find a lower place in the house where you can sleep.

Also, consider finding a cooling pillow designed to draw the heat away from your head. Frozen or chilled water bottles at the foot of the bed can also help your body to feel cooler. When it comes to bed covers, go with lightweight covers and 100% cotton sheets.

Close unused rooms

Unused rooms seriously impede cooling efforts of the house. By closing the doors of unused bedrooms, or keeping the bathroom door closed all the time, you trap the heat and keep it out of the way.

Before closing the room, remember to shut off the curtains tight so that light doesn’t come in.

Install a small window air conditioner

Unlike the large air conditioners in the market, window air conditioners are affordable. Buy one that fits your home and doesn’t consume a lot of energy. When it comes to its installation, have it installed by expert HVAC repair companies Long Island.

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