Furnace Repair Service: Common Furnace Problems And How To Fix Them

According to furnace repair service professionals, the furnace, just like any other appliance you might be having in your home, it develops a wide range of problems that you need to fix for your unit to continue functioning optimally. The most common problems include:

Clicking sounds

It’s common for the furnace to make humming sounds like its working. If you notice any other sounds, your unit has issues that you should fix as soon as possible. Your unit will make clicking sounds when:

You have a loose inducer: Oil-powered furnaces use a motor-powered fan to push out smoke and fumes. As the fan gets loose, it’s common for it to make clicking noises. It’s also common to have clicking sounds when soot or grime builds up on the fan blades.

You only need to tighten the loose areas. If the clicking is due to dirt, you should hire a professional to do the cleaning.

Worn out bearings: The bearings in the furnace will make clicking sounds when they wear out. If you don’t address the issue early enough, the motor is bound to burn out.

Gas valve problems: Sometimes the clicking sounds have a pattern, but if they don’t, you might be having a problem with the gas valve. For you to fix the issue you need to replace the home meter.

Pilot light problems: Finally, your unit will make clicking sounds when it’s having issues with the pilot light. With time, pilot light assemblies get loose, worn out, dirty, or even bent. These issues prevent the pilot light from functioning optimally.

The clicking noises might be due to problems with the wiring system, broken flame sensor, gas issues, ignition problems or even a faulty pilot. You should contact a professional who will inspect the issue and identify its source.

Furnace blowing out cold air

The furnace is bound to keep the house warm; therefore, when it blows out cold air, you have a problem. This might come about due to many reasons that include:

Dirty air filters: If you have gone for months without cleaning the air filters, dirt and debris might be restricting airflow causing the furnace to overheat which triggers the limit switch to turn off the burners.

As a result of this, the blower continues to blow cool air to cool down the furnace. If you don’t fix this problem early enough, the overheating damages the heat exchanger which is expensive to repair.

Wrong thermostat settings: If your home seems warm but you can feel cool air blowing from the registers, take a look at the thermostat settings. You should verify that the thermostat is set to “Auto” instead of “On.” You should note that when the furnace is set on the “On” mode, it continually blows air even if it’s not heating the air.

Pilot light problems: Pilot light issues will also make the furnace fail to work as well as it should. If the light is off, you should relight it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it you should simply contact a professional who will help you out with it.

Strange smells

A properly working furnace shouldn’t make any weird smells; therefore, if yours is, you have a problem that you need to address as soon as possible. Some of the common weird smells that your unit might be producing include: burned dust, rotten eggs, dirty socks, burning rubber, electrical, metallic or overheating.

Any of these problems spells trouble; therefore, when you are experiencing it, you should hire a heating service repair Long Island professional as soon as possible to have the issue fixed so that you can go back to enjoying your furnace.

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