Furnace Repair: Situations When You Have To Replace The Furnace

furnace repair

At a certain point, you will have to replace your furnace. To help you out, here are situations when you will have to do it:

Your furnace is too old

According to furnace repair contractors, if your furnace is more than 15 years old, it’s too old, and you should highly consider replacing it. Just like your car, an old furnace consumes more energy than usual. The unit also tends to develop many problems.

To keep the energy costs low and avoid hiring the repair professional too often, you should replace the appliance. When buying the new appliance, invest in one that has a high energy star rated. Remember that the higher the energy star rating, the better the appliance.

Your energy bill is rising every month

If you have noticed that your energy bill has been increasing every month, and your unit is properly maintained, you should highly consider replacing it. You should note that you shouldn’t rush into making the decision that your energy bill is high. When reading the bill, pay attention to the number of units that you have used in the past months.

If you haven’t added a new appliance, the air ducts are sealed, and you take good care of the heating unit, but the bill is on an upward trend, you should replace the furnace it will cost you more to maintain it.

The unit requires being repaired regularly

Do you have the personal number of an HVAC contractor? It means that you regularly repair the furnace. When you have to repair the heating unit regularly you not only spend a lot of money, you also tend to experience a lot of inconveniences.

To avoid the stress that comes with the regular repairs, you are better off installing a new appliance. To get the most from the new furnace, ensure that an expert properly installs it.

The furnace is making strange noises

It’s common for the furnace to make just minimal noise. If it’s making sounds that are too pronounced, it might be on its way to its deathbed. You should hire a heating repair professional to inspect the unit. If he/she recommends that you replace the unit, go ahead and do it.


These are some of the signs that you should look out for to tell whether you should replace your furnace. Before you make the decision, first ask HVAC contractors to inspect the unit.

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