Furnace Service: 4 Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Working Properly

furnace service

Just like any other appliance you have in your home, the furnace can fail to work as effectively as it’s supposed to. Furnace service professionals observe that this can happen due to many reasons, the most common ones being:

You don’t properly maintain the furnace

When is the last time you hired a professional to give your unit a look? If you have gone for over a year without doing it, it might be the reason why your unit isn’t working as properly as it’s supposed to.

For you to keep your furnace in mint condition, you should service it at least once every year. You should hire a professional who will inspect the unit and maintain the problematic areas.

The furnace is running with clogged filters

The air filters aid in purifying the air getting into your home. They also aid in keeping the dirt out thus ensuring that the air circulating in the house is clean and free of any impurities.

Due to their work, air filters tend to clog up with dirt and debris. If you go for a long time without cleaning the filters, they are bound to accumulate a lot of dirt to the extent that very little air passes through.

As a result of this, the furnace works harder than it should. This leads to it consuming a lot of energy hence a high monthly bill at the end of the month. An overworking furnace tends to have a short lifespan; therefore, you have to replace it after a short while.

For you to keep the furnace in top working condition, you should make a habit of replacing the air filters at least once a month. As rule of thumb, you should use high-quality filters that not only provide better air purification, but also last for a long time.

The furnace might be old and worn out

The other reason why your furnace might not be working properly is due to old age, wear, and tear. How old is your furnace? If it’s more than 10 years old, it’s most likely too old and it’s consuming a lot of energy that you should be saving.

The furnace might also not be working properly if it’s worn out. The cool thing is that you can fix the problem areas and the appliance will continue working properly. If the furnace is more than 10 years old, you should start thinking about replacing it.

For you to get the most from it and save as much energy as possible, you should go for a unit with a high energy rating. While the appliance will be a little bit expensive, the extra cost will be worth it.

You bought the wrong appliance

If you have the wrong appliance, there is no way you can be getting ideal services. One of the most common mistakes people make is buying an appliance that is the wrong size for their homes.

When the furnace is too big, it tends to heat up the house too fast. It also tends to consume a lot of energy. On the other hand, when the furnace is too small, it doesn’t heat the house as well as it’s supposed to. Since the area to be heated is too large, the appliance has to overwork which not only leads to it consuming a lot of energy, it also tends to shorten its life.

For you to avoid problems with your furnace, you should ensure that you buy the right one. Before you head to the stores, ask a furnace repair service Long Island professional to help you in determining the size of the house so that you can buy the right appliance.

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