Heat Pump Repair: Guide To Working With A Heat Pump

For the heat pump to generate heat, it extracts it from the outside. Due to its mode of working, heat pump repair professionals deem the heat pump as one of the most energy-efficient units in the market. Are you looking to heat up your house using the heat pump? Here are a few things you should know about it:

The heat pump will pull heat out of the air even when it’s cold

Many homeowners shy away from installing heat pumps in their homes as they feel they won’t warm their houses during the cold months of the year. This is because the units get warm air from outside. When it’s too cold, many homeowners feel that there won’t be enough warm air to be drawn hence the units won’t be able to keep the house warm.

You should know that most of the modern heat pumps are designed to work even at ultra-cold temperatures; therefore, unless the temperatures are absolute zero, the units will still work, providing your house with the warmth that you are looking for.

The key to continuing enjoying a warm house during the cold months is to buy the right heat pump. You need to work with a knowledgeable contractor who will help you in finding the right unit for your application.

Run the defrost mode during winter

It can be alarming having to run the defrost mode. You should note that the mode is crucial for effective heat pump operation during the coldest months of the year. During winter, it’s common for ice to form on your outdoor components when the temperature drops below freezing.

When you set the heat pump to work in defrost mode, it reverses its operations in order to defrost the components. You don’t have to worry about the working of the heat pump and its efficiency at this point as it will only be for a short while then you will resume with the normal house heating.

The defrost cycle should run for just a short time, but when your unit is having issues, it might kick on too frequently or last for a long time. When you notice the mode having issues, you should contact a heating professional to help you with the diagnosis and fixing of the issues.

Use dual fuel

If you live in extremely cold areas, you should consider pairing your heat pump with a gas furnace. While the heat pump might work even at low temperatures, it tends to work inefficiently hence you end up spending a lot of energy.

When you use both the heat pump and gas furnace, you save energy as you are able to switch over to gas heating when the temperature drops below freezing.

Make your heat pump programmable

For you to avoid wasting time and worrying about monitoring the thermostat, you should invest in a programmable thermostat. This thermostat not only makes your life easy as you are able to control your temperature, it also allows you to easily monitor the temperature when you are outside the house.

The good thing is that a programmable thermostat isn’t expensive. For you to get the most from it, ensure that it’s installed by an expert.

Pay attention to the air filter

Just like with the other heating systems, you need to pay attention to the air filters. When the air filters aren’t functioning as well as they are supposed to, they tend to make the heat pump work inefficiently hence you don’t get the warm house that you are looking for.

At least once a month, take a look at the air filters and if they are dirty, clean them. In some cases, the filters are too dirty or damaged that you can’t continue using them. In such a case, you should simply replace them.

When buying the new pieces, pay attention to their energy rating. The higher the rating, the more efficient they are, and vice versa.

Schedule annual tune-ups

At least once a year, hire a heat pump repair service Long Beach professional to inspect the heat pump and fix any issues it might be having. For you to get the most from the contractor, ensure that he/she is experienced and certified to work in your local area.

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