Heat Pump Repair: Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

The heat pump, just like any other appliance, needs some attention. While this is the case, many homeowners don’t know the right time to repair their units. To help you out, here are signs that your unit needs repair as given heat pump repair professionals:

The unit is no longer heating the house

One of the primary jobs of the heat pump is to heat the house; therefore if it’s not heating it, it’s not doing its work. It’s hard to fix the problems, especially if you don’t have the right skills. When your unit isn’t doing its job, hire a repair technician to help you with the inspection and evaluation of the problem, then fix it. Sometimes the problem is with the thermostat, but it can also be due to a major flaw within the unit.

The unit is making a lot of noise

The heat pump isn’t supposed to be noisy; therefore, when it’s making noises, there is something wrong with it. Regardless of how minor the noises are, don’t ignore them as many homeowners do as the noises can be a sign of major underlying issues.

Whether you are having screeching, buzzing, grinding, rattling, humming, or squealing noises, stop the heat pump and ask a heat pump technician to give the unit a look.

Noises in the heat pump are as a result of loose parts, a broken belt, or bent blower blade. Don’t try fixing the problem, especially if you don’t have the experience. Hire a professional instead.

The electricity bills have shot up

If you haven’t been using the heat pump outside the usual way and your heating costs have gone up, you have a problem in your hands that you should pay attention to. When a unit is consuming a lot of energy, it means that it’s running inefficiently. If you have gone more than a year without servicing your unit, it’s time to give it some attention.

Don’t try to repair the unit by yourself. Ask an expert to inspect it, clean it, and fix the prevailing issues.

The refrigerant is leaking

Heat pumps use the refrigerant to move heat between the house and outside environment. When there is a leak in the refrigerant line, the heat pump isn’t effective at keeping the house warm. You need to find a contractor who will identify the location of the leak and patch it up.

The heat pump is stuck in cooling mode

One of the prime reasons homeowners buy heat pumps is because they don’t want to buy an air conditioner and furnace. The heat pump can heat the house in winter, and cool it in summer. If you are getting out of the cooling season and the unit refuses to switch to heating mode, the chances are that you have a problem with the reversing valve.

When the valve has a problem, it locks the heat pump into either heating or cooling mode. You need to contact a heat pump technician to repair the valve and restore proper functioning of the appliance.

The appliance is short cycling

The heat pump is said to be short cycling when it turns on and off every few minutes, instead of completing a full heating cycle. You might have the impression that the problem is minor, but it’s grave, and it can even lead to permanent damage to the heating appliance if you don’t address it early enough.

Heat pumps that are short cycling also tend to wear down much faster than those that are functioning normally. When you notice the problem, don’t hesitate or think it’s minor, contact a repair professional as early as possible to inspect the appliance and fix the problem.

The heat pump is blowing cold air

It’s one thing when the appliance is stuck in cooling mode and another thing altogether when the appliance is blowing cold air instead of hot. You will have this problem when the unit has the wrong settings or ice has built-up. The heat pump compressor might be problematic when you have gone for a long time without maintaining, cleaning, or repairing it.

Hire a heat pump repair service Long Beach professional to inspect the unit and fix the issues that are there.

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