Heating Contractors: Tips On How To Maintain Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps are energy efficient alternatives to heating your home. The most attractive thing is that you can use them to heat and cool your house. To keep your unit in top shape you have to take good care of it. To help you out, here are tips given by heating contractors on how to do it:

Swap the air filters

Just like in the other heating units, it’s common for dirt and other debris to accumulate in the air filters of the heat pump. A dirty unit not only runs inefficiently, it also works harder than it should and due to this, it tends to break down regularly. To save on energy and also keep your unit in top working condition you should replace the old filters with new ones. For ideal results, replace them at least once every month.

Clean the fan and blower

Dirty fans and blowers run slowly and harder. This results in you spending a lot of money keeping your house warm. To extend the life of your heat pump you should regularly clean the fans. At least once a year or before the heating or cooling season, you should turn off the main power to the unit and open the top panel in order to access the fan blade and blower. If dirty, use a plastic bristle brush to scrub down the blades. You can also clean out the residue using a vacuum.

Clear the obstructions

Most heat pumps have an exterior unit where plant and other materials can get sucked into. When this happens, the fans create a vacuum back pressure that can shorten the life of the unit. To keep your unit in top shape, HVAC contractors recommend that you get rid of the plant cover. The best way of going about it is keeping the plant cover at least 2-3 feet away from the exterior unit.

Regularly inspect your heat pump

There is no way you can know the condition of your heat pump if you don’t regularly inspect it. At least once a year or before the beginning of the heating season go around the unit and identify any faulty areas that might need your attention. You can handle the inspection by yourself or hire a heating unit repair professional to help you out.


These are tips on how to maintain your heat pump. It will come a time when you have to replace the unit even after taking optimum care of it. When your heat pump gets too old you should replace it with the most energy efficient unit in the market.

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