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The oil tank is an important part of your home’s comfort; therefore, you should take good care of it. To help you out, here are tips given by heating service repair professionals:

Undertake regular inspection

The first inspection you should do to your tank is when you move into a new house. If you are inheriting a tank, you need to know its condition. All you need to do is to hire a professional who will go around the unit and determine its condition.

From the inspection, you will know the type of tank you have. There are many types of oil tanks that you can find in homes. There are plastic, indoor, steel, underground, and even outdoor tanks that you can go for.

There are also single skin, double skin, and even integrally bunded tanks that you can choose from. A bunded tank is one where one tank is sitting inside another. The outside tank is often 10% larger than the inner tank.

After the inspection, you will be able to know the type of tank in your home. This will help you in knowing how to take good care of it and if it’s too old, you will know whether you need to replace or repair it.

During the inspection, you will also know the size of your tank. Just as the tanks are of different types, they also come in different sizes for you to choose from. Once you know the size of your tank you will know the amount of oil it can take and the various ways of taking care of it.

When you are inspecting the unit, you need to pay attention to all parts. For an above-ground tank, confirm whether the legs are missing, bent, rusted, or buckled. Ensure that the leg brackets aren’t cracked or coming away from the tank.

You also should check the platform of the tank to ensure that it’s not cracked or deformed.

Do you have a metal tank, inspect it for rust. While at it, run your hands over the tank and connectors in order to detect warps, wet spots, weeping, and dents. You should take a look around the drain.

If the tank has blackened, chances are that there is water leaking into it.

You also should give attention to the pipes connecting the tank. Inspect them for drips or dampness.

Ensure that the tank is protected

Another way of taking care of the tank is by protecting it from damage. Ensure that the tank is protected from strong winds and falling ice or snow. Are there large trees near the tank that can fall on the tank? Consider getting rid of them.

Plenty of incidences have been reported where the filters and lines have been run over by the lawnmower. To avoid this from happening to your unit, ensure that the sides of the tank are fenced off.

While preventative maintenance might seem costly as in most times you need to hire an expert to help you out, it’s often worth it in the long run. For you to avoid having to buy a new tank after just a few months or years, you need to take good care of the current unit.

Undertake regular cleaning

Just like any other appliance, you need to clean the oil tank. During its working, condensation forms on the insides of the tank and the water gets trapped. If you don’t get rid of it, the water builds up at the bottom of the tank. This puts the tank at the risk of corroding.

You need to regularly clean the tank to get rid of this water. By so doing you not only prevent corrosion, you also prevent clogging of the filters, valves, and other parts of the oil tank.

Replace the oil tank

Even with the best care, it will come a time when you will have to replace the tank. You should do it when the tank is too damaged or too old. When undertaking oil tank replacement Long Island, go for a high-quality tank that is large enough to hold oil enough for your needs.

After buying the tank, ensure that it’s installed by a professional.

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