Heating Unit Repair: HVAC Problems You Can And Can’t Fix On Your Own

heating unit repair

To save money and avoid the inconvenience that comes with the late arrival of the heating contractors, you should always attempt fixing the heating problems on your own. While this is the case, there are some problems that are safe for you to fix and others that require the expertise of a professional.

HVAC problems you can fix on your own

You should try fixing the minor problems that you are sure can’t affect the functioning of your unit. One of the most common problems that you can easily fix is the change of air filters. A dirty filter reduces the efficiency of your heating unit. It also lowers the quality of your indoor air. You don’t need a professional to change the filter as all you need to do is open the air filter compartment and replace the unit. If the unit is dirty you should clean it and if too dirty, replace it.

When buying a new air filter pay attention to the MERV rating. The higher it is, the better the air filter is. Some of the air filters that you can go for include: pleated, fiberglass, washable, and electronic. You should choose the one that is ideal for your unit.

Some of the things that you can do include: cleaning the blades, blowers, and other parts of your unit. When undertaking the repair you should be cautious that you don’t cause more damage to the unit. This calls for you to avoid attempting to repair areas that you don’t understand.

Heating unit problems you shouldn’t fix on your own

As mentioned, you should avoid attempting to fix problems that are beyond your skill level. Some of these problems include:

Loud noises: If your heating unit is making a banging or any other noises there might be larger problems that require the expertise of an HVAC contractor.

Limited heat: I’m sure that you have experienced this problem where your unit doesn’t produce as much heat as you would want. In most cases, this problem is brought about by malfunctioning of the ductwork. The ductwork is very complicated and trying to fix it on your own would be a disaster.

Not heat at all: There are many things that can prevent your heating unit from producing heat and as a homeowner, you might not have the necessary skills to troubleshoot the problem. If you have confirmed that power is going into your unit but it isn’t producing heat, you should ask a heating unit repair professional to take a look at it.

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