HVAC Companies: Understanding Furnace Tune-Up

Heating repairAccording to HVAC companies, there are plenty of benefits that come with tuning up your appliance.

Why you need to undertake regular HVAC tune-up

Money saving: The obvious one is that you end up saving a lot of money. Since your appliance is functioning efficiently, it doesn’t consume a lot of energy and as a result, you save money.

You also save money as you don’t have to keep on hiring a furnace repair professional to fix the appliance when it breaks down.

No breakdowns: When an appliance is functioning inefficiently, it not only consumes a lot of energy, it also tends to break down more often. This is because it tends to work harder than it should.

When you inspect the appliance and fix any issues its having, you keep it in shape hence it doesn’t keep on breaking down.

Improved air quality: One of the things you need to do to keep your appliance in top condition is to clean the air filters. When the air filters are clean, they allow fresh air into the house hence improving the indoor air quality.

Increased comfort: Finally, a properly maintained unit increases the comfort levels in the house. This is because the appliance functions at consistent temperatures.

Proper furnace maintenance involves a series of tasks that include:


After you have switched off the appliance, you should clean it. Furnace cleaning is one of the basic maintenance practices. When doing the cleaning, you need to pay attention to all parts of the appliance.

You need to sweep or vacuum dust from around the furnace and registers so that the air can flow freely. You also need to vacuum the burners and around the base of the furnace. Using a flashlight, spot any soot that has collected. If there is soot, it means that there is poor combustion hence you should pay more attention to the unit.

The blower is an integral part of the furnace. You should use a small brush and vacuum to clean the blower blades. Also, remember to pay attention to the belts and pulleys that lead to the blower.

Replace the air filters

Air filters determine the quality of air in the house. Part of the furnace maintenance involves the inspection of the filters and if dirty, clean them. In some cases, you might find that they are damaged or too dirty for cleaning. Here you simply need to replace them.

When you are installing the new filter, you should pay attention to the filter size and type of filter. Also, pay attention to the rating of the filter. The higher the rating, the more efficient it is, and vice versa.

The frequency at which you replace the filters depends on the living conditions in your house. If you have pets, you will have to change the filters more frequently than if you didn’t have pets.

After removing the old filters, place them in the trash. Some people tend to recycle them, but this isn’t good.

Inspect the furnace

The final thing you need to do to keep the furnace in top condition is to regularly inspect it. You should note that for optimum results, inspect every part of the furnace. The most common parts that you should pay attention to are:

Heat exchanger: It’s common for old heat exchangers to develop cracks. When there are cracks, you put your family and yourself at the risk of toxic fumes. You need to inspect the unit and if there are cracks, consider replacing it.

Fan switch: When a fan switch isn’t properly adjusted, it tends to lead to energy wastage. It also causes the fan to keep on cycling. You need to inspect the switch and if it’s not properly adjusted, adjust it.

Drive belt: Due to its constant movement, it’s common for the drive belt to crack or fray the edges. If there are any defects on the belt, you have no way but to replace it.

Thermostat: Furnace service Long Island professionals recommend that you pay attention to the thermostat settings. If the settings are off, you should set it properly. While you are at it, also check whether the batteries are in good condition and whether they need to be changed.

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