HVAC Company: Areas To Focus On When Undertaking HVAC Inspection

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For comfort and respiratory health, you need to have a fully functioning, energy efficient HVAC system. To ensure that your system is at top performance you need to regularly inspect it. If you don’t have time or are busy hire a HVAC technician. When inspecting your systems, here are the areas that you should focus on:


This is the main culprit of the majority of HVAC problems. A malfunctioning thermostat not only means that your house doesn’t get cooled or heated adequately, it also means that you have to dig deeper into your pockets as you have to clear larger energy bills.

Focus on the settings and ensure that both the heating and cooling systems turn off and on at the preset temperatures.

Condensate drain

If you have a HVAC appliance you know that it produces water when working. Sometimes the water can get cooled and clog the condensate drain. Clogged condensate drains have rust that results to an ineffective appliance.

The drains also provide good environment for bacteria and mold to grow. This not only makes the appliance ineffective, it also puts your health at danger.

If you notice that the drains are clogged, you shouldn’t try unclogging them as you might damage them. Hire a heating contractor to fix it.

Air filters

All cooling and heating systems have air filters that trap dust and debris. To improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems replace them every month.

Dirt and debris

Even with the presence of an air filter it’s common for the HVAC appliance to accumulate dust and dirt inside it. You don’t have to get inside the appliance to identify the dirt and dust—you should use a flashlight and mirror.

If dusty, use a small vacuum cleaner to give the systems a clean look.

Seals and valves

With time, the valves, dampers and blades in the heating and cooling systems get old and this can result to malfunctioning of your appliance. To prevent leaks go through the valves and seals and replace any that might be worn out or frayed.

For ideal results, ask a HVAC contractor to help you out with the replacement.


These are just a few of the areas that you should focus on when undertaking HVAC inspection. To have peace of mind that everything is perfect, hire a HVAC expert to inspect the appliances for you.


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