HVAC Company: Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid

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The air conditioner comes in handy during the hot months of the year. While the device is of great importance, many homeowners make mistakes which not only reduce the effectiveness of the appliance, but also result to damage. Here are common air conditioning mistakes and how to avoid them:

Ignoring air conditioning maintenance

It’s common for homeowners to only contact AC contractors when their appliances are having problems. Since most air conditioners stop working during the warm months of the year (when they are mostly used), most contractors are busy during this time thus you don’t get your appliance fixed at the right time. You also end up paying high repair fees.

To protect your appliance from regular breakdown you need to schedule regular maintenance. Hire an AC technician to undertake air conditioning maintenance. The maintenance includes: regular cleaning of the appliances and replacement of air filters. The professional should also check and clean the evaporator coil. If possible, the professional should also check window seals around your home.

Incorrect thermostat setting

Although, the thermostat is one of the most common units in American homes, many homeowners don’t know how to use it correctly. One of the mistakes that homeowners do is set the thermostat improperly. Others set the temperature too high while others set it too low. When setting your air conditioner, remember that one degree makes a difference of up to 7% of your unit’s power consumption. To save power set your thermostat correctly.

Buying the wrong sized air conditioner

This is a mistake that is common with most first-time homeowners. Most of the homeowners have a notion that when they buy a large air conditioner, they will cool their homes faster, but this isn’t the case. An oversized unit not only increases humidity in your house, it also cycles on and off more frequently resulting to inefficient power usage.

There are other homeowners who underestimate the size of their houses thus end up buying undersized air conditioners. Having an undersized unit is as good as not having any. The unit not only fails to cool your house, it also tends to fail fast as it’s always overworked. To avoid buying a wrong-sized appliance, consult HVAC contractors before making the purchase.


These are the common air conditioning mistakes that you should avoid making. To save money and ensure that your appliance runs efficiently, always work closely with an experienced AC repair professional.

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