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If your previous air conditioner has broken down or you just moved to a new house, you need to install a new unit. All you need to do is work with your HVAC contractor and install a unit that is ideal for your home. There are many types of air conditioners that you can go for. The most common being:

Central air conditioner

A central air conditioner is one of the most efficient and effective units you will come across. You can install it in almost every type of house you have. When making the purchase, you should consider the brand name of the unit, energy efficiency, and the size. As rule of thumb, you should buy a unit from a reputable brand and should have high energy efficiency.

There are many types of central air conditioners you can go for with the most common being: the packaged AC unit and mini-split system. If you aren’t sure of the best type that you should buy, ask your contractor to help you out. You should note that due to the convenience that comes with the central air conditioner, the unit is usually very expensive thus you should be ready to part with a substantial amount for you to acquire it.

Window air conditioner

A window air conditioner is designed to be used in cooling one or multiple rooms of the house that don’t have access to adequate cooling. For you to get ideal results you should work with AC contractors that will help you in buying the right unit. For you to make the right purchase you need to consider a number of factors such as: energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, electric requirements, and size. If you don’t want to hire a contractor to help you with the installation, you should buy a unit that only requires you to stick it on the window.

Portable air conditioner

From its name, this is a unit that you can easily carry from one place to the other. The unit is ideal for use when you are looking to cool a specific area or a small apartment. Just like when buying the other units, you should consider the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Also, consider the ease of carrying the unit from one place to the other.


These are some of the air conditioners you can go for. For the units to work efficiently for long and also last for a long time you need to take good care of them. For peace of mind, undertake AC tune-up at least once a year.

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