HVAC Contractors: Deciding Whether To Repair Or Replace The Heating Systems

HVAC contractors

When many homeowners are having issues with their heating systems, they are usually confused as to whether they should repair or replace them. To help you out, here are tips on how to decide as given by HVAC contractors:

When to repair

You should repair the appliance if it’s having only minor issues. Some of the most common heating unit problems are: thermostat malfunctioning, clogged filters, ignition control issues, airflow obstructions, and many others.

Tell-tale signs that your unit is having issues include:

  • It makes noises
  • Heating costs keep going up
  • It produces a funny smell
  • It doesn’t turn on or off

When you are having any of these signs, you should hire a furnace repair contractor to help you with the diagnosis and fixing of the issues.

A good repair professional will help you with the inspection, adjusting and cleaning of the thermostats, blower compartments, belts, pilots, safety controls, combustion openings, electrical connections, filters, and other areas that might be having issues.

According to the environmental protection agency, the main causes of heating unit problems are: the buildup of dust and dirt. Malfunctioning heating systems are not only expensive to run, but they also put you and your family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and other risks.

When to replace

Sometimes repairing the appliances is meaningless. If your heating unit is more than ten years old, you need to ask yourself whether it makes sense to repair it.

If the furnace repair contractor is asking you more than 1000 dollars to repair the old appliance, you will be better off investing in a new one.

You also should consider buying a new appliance if the current appliance keeps on failing. If the cost of repairs is almost half the price of a new appliance, it doesn’t make any sense spending more money fixing the appliance.

When buying a new appliance, you should pay close attention to its size. Some people have the notion that buying a large appliance is the right way of going about things, but this isn’t the case. You should consult an experienced heating repair professional on the right size of unit you should go for.

You also should consider the SEER rating of the new appliance. As rule of thumb, go for an appliance with the highest score. While it will be expensive to purchase, it will cost you less to keep it running in the long run.

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