Is radiant heat the right choice for my home?

Many homeowners choose to use radiant heat as their main source of warmth in the home.  Radiant floor heating is especially comforting during the coldest months of the year!  The heating contractors at Sam Mechanical are always available to help you out with any HVAC issues occurring with your home heating and cooling systems.  We have dozens of years of experience installing a variety of residential heating systems including solar heating, electric heating, gas heating and hydronic heating.  Different types of heating are more beneficial in certain kinds of homes, so be sure to consult with an HVAC repair expert before choosing a home heating system!

There are many things that go into proper care of a residential heat system.  For one thing, your heat pumps need to always be operating properly in order for heat to effectively reach all the rooms in your home.  We can provide you with helpful heat pump efficiency reports that will help you choose the right kind of heat pumps.  We highly recommend Rheem heat pumps, York heat pumps and Mitsubishi heat pumps!  Sam Mechanical is proud to offer emergency HVAC services to all our customers in Long Island because we understand that some things simply can’t wait until normal business hours.

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