Is there a quick and easy way to fix my heating furnace?

If your furnace is not working properly, it’s best to call in a professional rather than trying to solve the problem yourself.  Without proper training, you run the risk of causing more damage to your heating furnace rather than fixing it!  Sam Mechanical specializes in a wide range of heating repair services for residents of Long Island, NY.  Some of our most popular services include heating furnace repair, Trane heat pumps repair and forced air heating installation.  If you’re not sure which heating systems will be the most beneficial for your home, our heating contractors would be more than happy to help.

There are a number of residential heat systems that will effectively warm your home without the use of a Trane furnace or Carrier furnace.  Baseboard heating, geothermal heating and hydronic heating are all viable heating options for homes in Long Island.  Radiant heat is also particularly effective for homes with a lot of separate rooms.  No one else in Long Island has more experience with such a wide range of HVAC repairs!  We take pride in all of our heating repair services from fixing heat pumps to completely removing and replacing your home heating system with a more effective one.

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