The most common problems with heat pumps

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heat pump is a device which not only provides warmth during the cold season, but also does the cooling during the hot summer. Heat pump failure can cause a lot of discomfort. There might be many reasons behind the heat pump failures. However, for a naive person, it is not easy to recognize the actual problem of heat pump.

Diagnose Heat Pump Problems

#1: Heat pump does not start: Is your heat pump not starting? Well, if so, then there might be problem with- thermostat or thermostat wiring. Actually, one problem may have many reasons. In order to solve the problem, first you will have to determine the actual cause behind it.

#2: Steam is rising from your heat pump: All heat pumps have unfreeze routine to get rid of the frost and ice buildup. During defrosting, you might observe smoke pouring off the unit. This smoke is nothing but the steam, the cause behind the pouring steam might be the melting of frost by some coils of the heat pump.

#3: Strange noise is coming from your heat pump: If your heat pump is making humming or buzzing noise then its normal, it might be pressure release noise. But if vibrating, scraping, banging and clanging noise is coming out of your heat pump then you will have to take immediate action.  Set thermostat on emergency heat mode and call a technician.

#4: Presence of ice on your heat pump: Sometime because of moisture and air, ice forms on the coil of heat pump. The ice eventually get defrost as per built-in defrost cycle. In case, ice does not seem to go away or get thicker and thicker then understand that there is some issue in the defrost cycle.

Solve Heat Pump Problems

The small heat pump problems can be solved at home with moderate knowledge of heat pump repair. But if you do not have any sort of knowledge of heat pumps or heat pump failure appears strange, then you should not try to solve problem by yourself. Just call a heat pump repair technician. An experienced and skilled technician can provide quick and long lasting solution to your problem.



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