Things You Should Get Rid Of When Undertaking AC Tune Up

ac tune up

As summer begins, it’s recommended that you undertake AC tune up for your unit to work efficiently and without any problems the entire season. During the tune-up, you need to get rid of a number of things for the air conditioner. Some of these things include:

AC leaks

Air conditioner leaks reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner thus you end up spending a lot of money keeping your house cool. You should check the air ducts and ensure that they are air tight. Also, take a look at the refrigerant. Telltale signs of a leakage are stains or discoloration around the piping and cooling coils. Since the refrigerant is sensitive, you should ask a contractor to help you in sealing the leaks and filling up the coolant.

Dirty air filters

Dirty air filters not only give your air conditioner an ugly look, but they also slow down its performance. According to AC contractors, dirty air filters prevent efficient air transfer thus the air conditioner works harder than it should. This often results in high energy consumption. The air conditioner also tends to break down fast. To be on the safe side, you should clean the air filters before the season begins. In addition to this also ensure that you clean the filters once every month.


Dirt, leaves, and other fragments accumulate in the air conditioner blocking the vital parts of the AC. Just like with the dirty air filters, the blocking means that the AC works harder to produce cooling air thus you end up having a massive energy bill. The blocking also puts unnecessary pressure on the air conditioner which puts it at the risk of breaking down. Before you start cooling your house, you should get rid of any dirt on your unit.

Damaged controls

For the different parts of the air conditioner to work effectively, they need to be controlled. The controls are usually connected using wires that often corrode due to exposure to moisture. You should carefully go through the wiring system and fix any wires that seem to be damaged.

Replace the air conditioner

Sometimes you have to replace your air conditioner. If you have noticed that your air conditioner has been operating inefficiently, you should consider replacing it. In addition to buying a high-quality air conditioner, also ensure that the unit is installed by an experienced AC replacement professional.

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