Tips On How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

air conditioner maintenance

It’s important to undertake air conditioning maintenance in order for it to continue cooling your home for a long time. To guide you here are tips on how to maintain your air conditioner:

Take care of the filters

The filter is usually attached to the front or back cover. In some case it’s fastened in front of the coils. You should remove the filter and inspect it for any damage. If the filter is damaged or torn you should replace it.

If it’s in good condition you should wash it with soap and warm water. You should squeeze out as much water as you can and let the filter dry completely before reinstalling it.

In addition to cleaning the air conditioner filter you also need to wipe the cover. You should also vacuum the grill.

Drainage system

It’s common for the drainage system to block every now and then. You should remove the drain tube from the air conditioner and clear any blockages that might be there. The best way of clearing the blockages is running a bottlebrush or piece of wire through the tube.

To clean the tube you should pour a cup of chlorine bleach and water through it. If you are having problems unblocking the system you should consider hiring an air conditioner expert to help you with the work.


The evaporator is located directly above the furnace in the plenum and air conditioner professionals recommend that you should clean it once a year. You should note that you can go ahead and clean the evaporator if the plenum has a foil-wrapped insulation. If the plenum is a sealed sheet of metal box you shouldn’t attempt to open it.


The condenser is located outside the house and is usually prone to accumulation of dirt and debris from lawn mowing, trees and airborne dust. The condenser has a fan that moves air across the condenser coil. You should clean the coil on the intake side. For you to clean the right side you should take your time to check the direction that the air moves across the coils.


These are tips on how to maintain your air conditioner. If you notice even a minor problem with the unit you should call an air conditioner repair professional to repair the unit as soon as possible.

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