Heating Unit Repair: Understanding The Different Types Of Heating Systems

types of heating systemsIf you are constructing a house or planning of improving your home there are many types of heating systems that you can go with. The most popular ones are:


They are also known as forced air heating systems and make use of natural gas, oil, propane or electricity. They get air from outside, heat and distribute it throughout the house. When installing them you should install them in attics, basements, crawlspaces and closets.

There are many types of these furnaces in the market that come in different prices that vary depending on the brand. When buying the units you should look at the AFUE rating and ensure that it’s at least 80.

The main advantage of a furnace is that it’s widely available, more energy efficient and very effective in cooling your house. The flaw is that it requires ductwork that takes place in walls. The furnace is also prone to gas leaks that can be fatal.

After buying the unit you should hire a certified HVAC contractor to install it for you.

Heat pumps

They are ideal when you use them in moderate climates. The cool thing with them with them is that they offer both cooling and heating. They function like a refrigerator where they use electricity to move heat from a cool place to a warm one depending on the season of the year.

When undertaking heat pump replacement you should first consult an expert who will recommend the best unit for your area. Remember that different units work differently in different locations. When you use the wrong heat pump at the wrong place will overwhelm the device.

Radiant heating systems

They are said to be the most effective systems in providing natural and comfortable heating at home. They come in different forms such as pot belly stove to in-floor heating tubing. The system works by radiation or direct transfer of heat from a hot to cold surface.

The cool thing with the system is that its comfortable and very energy efficient. The flaw is that it’s complex to install it and you have to hire a heating contractor to install it for you.


While heating systems are very effective in their working and very important for a warm living environment, they tend to cause accidents such as fires, electrocution among many others especially if you don’t properly maintain them.

To protect yourself you should regularly undertake heating system inspection to ensure that they are working efficiently and don’t pose any danger to you and your family members.

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