What are the alternatives to central air conditioning?

Are you looking to install a new residential air conditioning system?  You are in the right place!  Sam Mechanical provides complete AC services including installation and air conditioning maintenance.  Your AC contractor will be happy to help you decide which AC systems are right for your home.  If you are seeking an alternative to the traditional central air conditioning, we can certainly help you find one.  Many homeowners choose to go with ductless air conditioning or individual AC units in each room.  We also provide commercial air conditioning solutions as well, the most popular of which is high velocity air conditioning.

We offer a number of popular air conditioning brands such as Carrier air conditioning and York air conditioning.  As one of the top rated AC companies in Long Island, we provide top notch AC repair services on any and all AC parts.  Let us fix your air conditioning compressor, air conditioning condenser or AC vents at a great price!  In addition to our extensive heating and air conditioning services, our HVAC company also specializes in highly effective plumbing services as well as oil tank installations and gas conversions.  Schedule a service with one of our experienced HVAC contractors today!

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