What is better for my home – electric heat or gas heat?

Many homeowners often struggle with the age-old question: electric heating or gas heating?  The answer all depends on what is most important to you.  The heating contractors at Sam Mechanical can help you find the best heating options for your home based on your budget and the size of your home.  If your home has several smaller rooms, electric heaters tend to be the more cost-effective option.  However, gas heaters tend to lower your utility costs a consider amount.  They also require the use of a brick or metal chimney.  Some of the most popular residential heating options in Long Island include electric baseboard heating, hydronic heating and radiant heat.  Solar heating is also very popular because it can help to further lower your electric bills.  Our HVAC repairs experts can help you take care of everything from heating installation and minor heating repairs to total heating replacement services.

Some of our most commonly performed heating services include heating oil tank installation, heating furnace repairs and heat pump replacement.  We can also provide you with a helpful heating oil pricing comparison to determine which type of residential heat oil will be the most effective in your home!  Don’t wait another day to get your home heat system in proper working order.

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