Heat Pump Myths You Should Never Believe

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Heat pumps heat your home saving you from freezing during the cold months of the year. Due to the popularity of the units, there are many myths surrounding them. Here are some of the common myths:

Anybody can install them

While it’s easy to install the units, it doesn’t mean everyone can install them. When buying them it’s recommended that you buy them from a store offering free installation. This way you will be able to benefit from the warranties given.

To be on the safe side you should ensure that the units are installed by a certified heat pump technician sent by the heat pump manufacturer.

Bigger is always better

This is a common misconception among many home owners. You should note that buying a large heating system doesn’t mean that you will effectively heat the entire house—you will only heat one room. If you have a large house, you should install multiple heat pumps and locate them in different areas of the house.

Heat pumps are unattractive

Traditional heat pumps have an unattractive look which can make your house ugly. Many manufacturers are coming up with elegant looking heat pumps that increase the look of your home. The manufacturers have also come up with packaging cylinders that help you in covering your traditional unit and improve its appearance.

Due to the developments you don’t have to shy away from installing the units citing them unattractive.

Heat pumps are noisy

A few decades ago when the heating systems were entering the market, they used to be very noisy, unattractive and bulky. Developments in technology have come up with modern units that are quiet. Heat pump contractors liken the noise to that given by a home refrigerator.

Heat pumps need to stay on all the time

This was true with older models. Nowadays things have changed as manufacturers have come up with units that have higher heat outputs and increased efficiency rates. If your house is properly insulated you don’t have to leave the heat pump running all the time. You should switch it on until the house reaches your desired temperature. After this you should switch it off.

The ability of switching the heat pump on and off saves you a lot of money that you can use in other projects.


These are just a few heat pump myths that you should know about. For the unit to last for a long time you need to take good care of it. For ideal results you should ensure that your unit is only handled by a certified HVAC contractor.

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