7 Reasons Why Home Air Conditioner Smells Bad As Given By Air Conditioner Repair Services Providers

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When you get into the house, you expect to come to the cool relief of a sweet-smelling air-conditioned home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you step into the house and an unpleasant odor greets you. When this happens, it means your air conditioner has a problem.

Plenty of reasons can lead to unpleasant odors. Here are some of these reasons and what to do about them as given by air conditioner repair services providers.

The drainage line has blocked.

When the air conditioner removes excess humidity from the house, it pushes excess water down the drainage line. Sometimes the drainpipe clogs up, and the air conditioner begins producing a stale odor that is pushed from the central system to the ducts into your house.

So when you notice a stale smell when you step into your house, your drainage lines must be blocked.

To get rid of this problem, you should contact a certified HVAC technician to inspect the drainage lines and clean them if necessary.

There are dead animals in your system.

Have you noticed bad smells, especially at the beginning of the summer season? There must be a dead animal in your system. It’s normal for birds, mice, rats, and other rodents to seek warmth in the warm areas of the house, including the air conditioner.

Unfortunately, these animals die in the air conditioner and begin to disintegrate, giving off a rotten egg smell.

To get rid of the smell, you need to inspect the supply and return vents in the house. When you notice dead creatures, remove them using kitchen tongs or any other instrument.

If you have inspected the system and still your house has the rotten egg smell, chances are the animals have died in the air ducts, and you can’t easily find and remove them if you don’t have the necessary tools. In such a case, you should get an AC expert to inspect and clean the system.

You have a central motor leak.

When you have cracks or damage to the internal motor of the system, you are bound to experience exhaust odor in your house. In most cases, the smell will go away when you deactivate the power of the system.

If you deactivate the system and still the problem doesn’t go away, you must be having dissolving parts or hardware in your HVAC system.

You have clogged sewer lines.

Sometimes you might think the smell is coming from the air conditioner while it’s coming from the sewer lines located near the air ducts. A malfunctioning sewer pipe releases methane gas, which is harmful and might even lead to a fire. To eliminate the risk, contact a reputable licensed local plumber to inspect the system and fix it.

Smoke is infiltrating your air conditioner.

Many people know the effects of smoking indoors. The excess smoke is absorbed by the drywall, carpets, and furniture, giving your house a bad smell.

While many people know this, most of them don’t know the effects smoking indoors has on the air conditioner. When you choose to smoke indoors, odor from excess smoke gets into the evaporator coil of your system.

To get rid of the smell and leave the house smelling fresh, you should contact a certified technician to sanitize the evaporator coil and other parts of the air conditioner. If the smoke was excessive, you may have to replace other areas of the house, including rugs, carpet, furniture, and drywall.

The refrigerant is leaking.

A telltale sign of leaking refrigerant is odor that closely resembles acetone. In addition to the air conditioner being less efficient, leading to high utility bills, it can lead to death in your family, so you should fix the problem as soon as you notice it.

The motor or circuit panel has a short

The chances of the motor or circuit panel shorting increases as the central air conditioner ages. Is your air conditioner producing a smell that closely resembles gun powder or fireworks? Your appliance might be having a motor or circuit panel short.

You should contact an AC repair services Woodbury provider to inspect the system and fix it. This is to prevent internal damage to your expensive air conditioner.

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