Tricks to Keep Your Commercial AC Pumping

One of the most difficult aspects of commercial building management is coming up with a cooling strategy that works for all occupants.

Installing a high-quality commercial air conditioner in your building will provide you with the freedom to accommodate all tenants.

Unfortunately, taking care of the unit and keeping it running needs a lot of work on your part. To help you out, here are some of the ways given by commercial AC repair services to keep your unit running efficiently:

Schedule regular duct sealing

Leaky HVAC air ducts are an issue in any structure. Studies show that leaky ductwork in business establishments can lower air conditioning effectiveness by up to 20%. This will not only raise your energy consumption, but it may also have a dramatic effect on indoor comfort.

Leaky ducts cause most of the conditioned air produced by your system to be lost behind drywall or distributed in remote regions where ducting is exposed.

After spending a premium for a high-quality air conditioner, you don’t want to skimp on duct sealing.

One of the less well-known consequences of leaking ductwork is increased system stress. With leaky ducts, your air conditioner will work much harder to achieve and maintain the desired indoor temperature.

Leaky air ducts don’t simply dump conditioned air in the incorrect places. They also pull in unfiltered air. This can leave particle residue on condenser coils and other inside components. And you don’t want this.

There are a few essential solutions for HVAC air duct sealant. Duct tape rated for HVAC work is the most cost-effective and versatile. You can use this to seal apparent seams, but there are longer-term options that will support your cooling system’s requirements.

This project’s tape should be fire and smoke-rated for commercial use.

Other commercial duct sealing solutions include mastic duct sealant and Aeroseal duct sealant. Mastic duct sealer is a water-based paste that you can apply to all joints.

It dries, forming a durable, airtight seal. This is an inexpensive, dependable, and long-lasting solution for preserving your ducting and decreasing inefficiencies.

Although significantly more expensive, Aeroseal duct sealing is regarded by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) as one of the best technological and scientific achievements of its time.

Aeroseal duct sealant is an excellent choice for high-quality commercial air conditioners because it ensures optimal air duct performance while reducing HVAC system stress.

Get the right thermostat for your building.

Depending on the size and architecture of your business, as well as the type of cooling equipment you use, installing programmable thermostats can save you a significant amount of money per year. If you haven’t already, now is the time to update from a traditional thermostat model to a smarter one.

A programmable thermostat can help you save money and reduce energy waste in a variety of ways. You can use these devices to boost or drop internal temperatures on weekends and evenings, ensuring that your air conditioner does not operate when the facility is unoccupied. This reduces wastage.

When you are choosing a thermostat, go for a Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat that allows you to change the temperature remotely.

If your schedule changes, you can cool the workstation before anyone comes or switch off your air conditioner when everyone departs for the weekend early.

The beauty of smart thermostats is that they learn from the data they collect on user preferences and habits. In commercial settings, they respond swiftly to the needs of several users.

Best of all, these devices actively collect data that you can use to deliberately reduce or improve your cooling expenditures.

Programmable and smart thermostats are available in seven-day models for organizations that operate continuously.

Clean the evaporator and condenser coil.

Heat transfer occurs in your business air conditioner’s coils. Unfortunately, dirt and grime can accumulate on your unit’s condenser and evaporator coils, interfering with the heat transfer system.

This increases the amount of energy required to cool a structure appropriately. To prevent this, keep the coils clean and dust-free at all times.

Invest in preventative maintenance.

Preventative air conditioning maintenance is necessary for an optimally functioning air conditioner.

A preventative maintenance plan will make it easier to comply with the terms and conditions of your cooling equipment’s manufacturer warranty.

You should have an agreement with a reputable AC repair professional for when they will be inspecting and repairing your unit on a regular basis.

To stay on top of things, you should get a commercial preventative maintenance program that is designed with the requirements of manufacturer warranties in mind.

Joining one will allow you to receive early alerts when it is time to schedule AC maintenance.

Having a preventative maintenance plan might also help you receive AC repairs on time during peak seasons. You will also receive proper proof of earlier maintenance, which will come in handy in keeping your warranty.

Stay away from DIY AC repairs.

No matter how big or small your commercial property is, there may come a moment when you want to save money by doing your air conditioning maintenance or repairs. This is prevalent among commercial property owners who employ their in-house maintenance crews.

Handymen and contracted maintenance personnel are not licensed HVAC technicians. Allowing your staff to tamper with the moving parts of your cooling system may void your manufacturer’s warranty. As you can tell, this isn’t a good idea.

To stay on the safe side, it is always a good idea to hire a qualified AC repair services Huntington. These professionals are not only licensed to operate your unit, hence helping you keep your AC in top shape, but they also give you peace of mind that the maintenance of your unit will be done perfectly.

When you are hiring a repair professional, ensure that they are experienced enough and know what they are doing. They also should have the necessary licenses.

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