How Often To Service Oil Furnace

Is this the first time you are owning an oil furnace? Like gas and electric furnaces, you need to take good care of it to run effectively for a long time. If you are wondering how often to service oil furnace, you should have it serviced at least once a year by an experienced and certified oil burner repair service provider.

Why should you service your oil furnace?

There are plenty of benefits that come with having your oil furnace serviced every year. Some of these benefits include:

You maintain a healthy oil quality.

Regular inspections ensure you maintain high oil supply quality. The tank must be full of high-quality oil for your furnace to perform at full capacity. During the service, the repair professional replaces the oil with new, healthy oil that burns clean and doesn’t leave any harmful traces or emit noxious fumes.

The technician also inspects the color and consistency of the oil, and if it needs replacement, goes ahead and replaces it. The technician also measures the oil levels and, if too low, refills it.

Servicing preventing moisture buildup

If you live in ultra-cold climates, moisture can easily make its way into the system, and if condensation lines the interior walls of your furnace, it can lead to corrosion and spread of rust.

The tank will also be vulnerable to rust if the oil supply is too low, as this creates space within the tank for moisture to corrode the inner metal linings.

A furnace technician helps you know whether the moisture is affecting your furnace and the changes you should make to reduce the moisture levels in and around your furnace.

You ensure proper airflow.

During the inspection, the furnace technician examines your heating system’s passages and ensures the air is flowing properly, free of dust, dirt, and other obstructions.

You ensure the furnace isn’t straining when working.

When you have a properly running furnace, you eliminate straining of the furnace as its working optimally. What is the result of this? The furnace consumes little energy, and at the same time, it has a long lifespan.

You avoid expensive repairs.

Maintaining your furnace helps the technician identify the problems when they are in their initial stages, hence preventing major problems from coming about in the future. For example, when the technician clears the dirty passageways before they completely clog up, he prevents motor damage down the line.

Gives you peace of mind

When you know your furnace is in top shape, you have peace of mind that it won’t break down in the middle of a cold night and you are forced to hire an expensive repair processional.

What is included in an annual oil furnace repair?

The technician does a lot of things to the furnace. Some of these things include:

Changing the oil filter: If the filter is too dirty, the technician replaces it with better ones

Flushing the oil line: When you go for a long time without cleaning the oil lines, sediments can accumulate there, clogging the nozzle.

Oil tank inspection for leaks: The technician carefully goes around the oil tank and ensures it’s not leaking.

Cleaning and replacement of oil filter: The technician replaces the disposable filters and cleans the reusable ones to maximize the unrestricted flow of clean, allergen-free air.

How to choose the right furnace service provider

As you can see, it’s vital you hire the right furnace technician for your furnace maintenance.

If this is your first time hiring, you should note that while there are many service providers, not all are right for you and not all will provide you with the service you are looking for.

One way to find the contractors is to ask your friends and relatives about the contractor they recently worked with.

If none knows of one, try your luck online. Many homeowners make the mistake of hiring the first technician that shows up in the search results. Don’t do this.

The right thing to do is contact several furnace service Long Island and schedule an interview with them. You should only consider working with the most affordable and experienced technician.

The contractor should also have a great personality. After all, you will be spending time with them at least once a year. And you don’t want a gloomy person around you, do you?

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