4 Furnace Noises You Should Be Wary of

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It’s common for the furnace to make noises while running. The everyday good noises are: chirping, popping in the ducts, and small clicks. At the same time, it’s common for the unit to make noises that you should be worried about when you hear them.

Which noises should you look out for and get a furnace service professional as soon as they happen? Here they are:


The most common culprit is the blower motor problem when you hear screeching sounds. Chances are high that you have a broken blower motor, which means that the heat produced by your furnace isn’t enough to circulate warm air throughout the house.

A number of factors can bring about blower motor problems. One of the most common ones is loss of lubrication, which happens due to regular wear and tear.

You should get in touch with an experienced professional, and they will help you diagnose the problem, fix it and even come up with measures to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Clank noises

Clank noises resemble noises made when metal goes over another metal. This problem is expected when you are having trouble with your heater’s blower wheel.

Turn off the furnace immediately to prevent further damage when you notice the clanking problem. This is because a damaged part of the unit can have a domino effect on the other parts of the furnace, putting the furnace at the risk of breaking down to the point that it won’t come on again. This isn’t what you want in cold winter, isn’t it?


When you hear rattling noises, you don’t need to worry much as the problem is often due to loose parts inside the system. Sometimes the problem is extensive, while in other cases, the issue is as simple as a loose door cover.

Before you hire a repair professional, take a look at the door. Is it loose? If it is, tighten it up yourself. If the rattling persists, you may be having a deeper-seated problem. Let an expert look at it to avoid ruining your unit in the name of repairing it.


Have you heard that there is a mini explosion in your furnace? You might be having an issue with your appliance. In most cases, boom noises are a sign of dirty burners.

The issue could be minor such as having a little dirt there, but sometimes it could be due to a lot of dirt that has built up on the furnace burners, and when the jets turn on, the heat and gas have to break through the dirt. The explosion you hear is due to the ignition of the gas—not the breakage of a part.

The solution would be to clean the burner yourself, but you shouldn’t go that route by yourself because you will cause more harm than was already there.

There is also the risk of injuring yourself as you do the cleaning.

The best way is to hire a professional to help with the cleaning. This is even more important when you are dealing with a gas-powered furnace.

Working with professionals

As mentioned, you should hire professionals to help you fix the problems, especially when you aren’t sure about how to go about it.

As much as you need professionals, you shouldn’t hire just any professional you come across—you should take your time and hire one that knows what they are doing.

As a rule of thumb, pay attention to the professional’s experience levels. Remember that you want to work with one that has been doing it for years.

When you hire an experienced furnace repair service Long Island provider, you have peace of mind, as you know that they are less likely to mess up your appliance.

The other thing you should consider is the personality of the contractor. Of course, you should go for a contractor with an awesome personality. You don’t want one who is gloomy as they will be unpleasant to work with.

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