6 Ways To Prepare Your AC for Summer

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You may be waiting for hot summer nights to turn on your air conditioner. But believe it or not, you should start tuning up your AC unit while you’re still bundled up for winter.

ACs don’t always get the maintenance they need until they break down, so service is a step that needs to be taken when the season changes. Before the season begins, hire  HVAC repair services to help find problems before they worsen and cost more to fix.

Are you wondering about the service you should give your AC unit so that you are cool the entire summer? There are many of them, with the common ones being: 

Inspect and clean the filters.

Checking the filters is the first step in preparing your air conditioner for the season. If your filter is dirty, your system will have to work harder than it needs to, making it cool less well and raising your utility bills even more.

Not only is cleaning the filters the easiest maintenance task, but it can also cut your air conditioner’s energy use by up to 15%.

You should wash your reusable filters or replace the disposable ones at least once a month.

You can hire a professional to inspect the filter or do it yourself. 

Clear the drain

Your AC’s condensate drain line gets rid of the water that builds up near the evaporator coil.

A clogged drain can cause leaks that cost a lot to fix, and it can also make your AC unit work harder and put out less cool air. 

Depending on how old your AC is, algae and dirt can build up in the line over time, which can cause the line to clog.

So, draining your line and ensuring it is clear of clogs before summer will ensure the system works well when it gets hot.

Again, you can do the work or hire a professional to help you out. 

Clean the outdoor unit.

Before you even turn on the HVAC system, look at the outer part and ensure no bushes or weeds are growing on it or in the way of the air intake.

To ensure your unit can get air, ensure all plants are at least 2 feet away from the outdoor unit.

While at it, check the unit’s fins and use low-pressure water to wash away dirt to allow full airflow.

Inspect the overflow pan.

Check the pan under the AC every time you look at your unit. The pan collects and stores any water that your AC pulls out as it works.

Look to see if it is not only dry but also doesn’t have any rust on it. Something is wrong if it smells damp or rusty and your drain line is clogged.

In this case, it’s best to call a professional to check it out.

Upgrade your thermostat

Before using your air conditioner, you should always check the thermostat controls to ensure the system turns on and off at the correct times.

Spring is a great time to consider replacing your old thermostat with a smart one, which becomes a game changer when saving money.

With a smart thermostat, you can make your house warmer when you’re not there and cozier when you are.

These thermostats also allow you to control them virtually so that you can turn on your appliance even when you are at work so that you come home to a cool house. 

Tune up your appliance.

DIY maintenance can make a big difference in how well your AC system works, but it can’t replace a thorough tuneup that a trained HVAC technician can do.

It’s easy for a lot of homeowners to miss a problem with one of the many parts that make up an AC system. This is why you need a thorough checkup by a professional.

When hiring the air conditioner repair services Stony Brook technician, don’t hire just anyone—take time to find an expert that knows what they are doing. The last thing you should do is hire a cheap newbie who will most likely end up damaging your unit.  

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