How To Keep Your Furnace Running At Top Efficiency

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You want a furnace to run optimally if you have one, right? And it’s possible to do it. How do you go about it? Here are tips given by furnace service providers:

Keep the filters clean

The filter determines the quality of air in the house and the heating appliance. The filter also plays a vital role in preventing dust and hair from clogging the furnace.

As you use the filter, debris builds up inside, which triggers the furnace to work harder to pull air through the dirty and densely packed filter, which puts a lot of stress on it.

Besides the furnace working harder than it should, it also has a short lifespan due to overworking.

To bring this to a stop, you should keep your furnace filters clean. A good rule of thumb is to clean the filters at least once every three months. If you smoke or have pets in the house, clean them once every month.

Most of the filters only need cleaning, but if yours is too dirty or worn out, you have no other way out than to replace it.

Keep the registers open and clean.

You should keep the air filters clean the same way you should keep the registers open and clean. The purpose of this is so that air can freely circulate the house.

Regularly go around your house and ensure no registers are blocked by furniture or have any dust trapped in the cover.

When buying registers, pay more attention to functionality than beauty. As much as the decorative registers are beautiful, they often aren’t highly functional and restrict as much as 50% airflow.

Make use of a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat is a highly functional and easy-to-use unit that makes it easy to operate the furnace. The thermostat significantly reduces your electricity bill as you use your furnace when you need it.

For example, when you aren’t in the house during the day, you can easily lower the settings so that the furnace doesn’t spend energy heating a house that you aren’t in.

The programmable thermostat also allows you to set a cycle. For example, you can set it to start working when you are about to get home in the evening, so you come to a warm, toasty house.

Besides saving you energy and making your work easy, a programmable thermostat also significantly reduces the wear and tear of your furnace, so you have it for a long time.

Different thermostats are ideal for various applications, so take your time and find one ideal for your home.

Regularly clean the furnace.

Most homeowners will clean their furnace air filters but forget about the rest of the appliance. This is wrong. For your unit to function optimally, you have to keep it clean, both inside and outside.

After cleaning the inside unit, go outside and give the outside unit some TLC. Clear all the dust and debris and ensure there aren’t any trees or garbage around it that might prevent it from functioning as optimally as it should.

A good rule of thumb is to keep a three to the five-foot area around your outdoor unit. This area should be free of trees and other materials that might impede proper airflow

Make use of curtains.

While they seem useless, curtains are a great way to save energy and prevent your furnace from working harder than it should.

By closing the curtains at night, you prevent heat loss to the cold outdoors. When you open them in the day on the south or west-facing windows, you allow the warm sunshine to enter and heat the insides of your house, so you don’t need to use the furnace.

If you have any south windows, keep them covered even during the day, as opening them will bring in plenty of cold air, that you don’t want.

Regularly tune up your appliance.

Finally, you should tune up your appliance at least once a year. Unless you have the skills, let the work be done by an experienced furnace repair service Long Island that knows what they are doing. You don’t want a technician messing up your unit in the name of tuning it up, do you?

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