Mitsubishi AC Installation: How Do You Know If Your Car Ac Needs Recharged?

mitsubishi ac installation

Your car’s air conditioning system has a refrigerant (specialized gas) responsible for most of the cooling. The refrigerant compresses, cools off, then expands inside the evaporator inside the dash. As the refrigerant expands, it soaks up heat from the interior of the car then cool gas gets back under the hood to the compressor.

For the AC system to function optimally, it has to be pressurized. Over time, due to aging or wearing out, the pressurized systems develop leaks, and the refrigerant levels start going down to a point where the air conditioner is unable to produce cold air.

To restore your air conditioner into proper working condition, you have to recharge it with pressurized refrigerant.

Are you wondering how do you know if your car AC needs recharged? Air conditioners often show several signs that signify it’s time to recharge them. These signs, as given by Mitsubishi AC installation experts, include:

Refrigerant leaks

As air conditioners age, they encounter several problems such as mild accidents, stones getting into the loose joints, and the cooling radiator. Due to this, the refrigerant begins to leak, and if you don’t notice it early enough, your air conditioner might stop working.

If you notice ice forming on your compressor, the refrigerant is most likely low. During the inspection, if you see leaks around the compressor or at the joints, it’s a sign you have lower refrigerant levels.

Freon, the most popular refrigerant, resembles thin grease when in a liquid state. When looking out for it, search for a film around joints that might have a dirty brown color due to dirt and grime mixing with Freon.

If you find Freon on the ground under your car, you have a more serious problem that should be handled by a certified professional.

Failing AC clutch

The compressor pulley turns all the time, driven by a dedicated belt or serpentine belt. When you need to use the air conditioner, the clutch engages the pulley, causing the compressor to circulate Freon in the system and provide cooled air to the interior of the car.

When the Freon levels are low, the sensor activates, preventing the clutch from engaging. To fix the problem, you need to arrange how to repair the leak and add additional refrigerant. Never add refrigerant before fixing the appliance as the refrigerant will leak after a few days or weeks, and you go back to square one.

AC blowing warm air instead of cold

When the AC is on, cool air should be blowing from the vents to cool the interior. If hot air is blowing instead, you have a problem in your hands. Chances are the refrigerant is too low, leading to compressor failure. Tell-tale signs of low refrigerant levels are clicking sounds as the AC is working.

How to recharge your air conditioning

You should note that recharging your air conditioner is a temporary fix if you don’t first fix the underlying causes of the leak. To prevent your efforts from going to waste, first fix the cause of the low refrigerant levels. Once you are done, now proceed with recharging your air conditioner.

The beauty is that recharging the appliance is easy. Begin with gathering the necessary materials for the work, which include: AC dispenser, meat thermometer, refrigerant, gloves, and safety glasses.

You should then find the low side port, which will be the barb on the larger tube between the compressor and evaporator. After finding it, screw the dispenser hose and gauge to the refrigerant can. Next, start the car engine and turn the air conditioner on. The compressor clutch should be engaged and the front of the compressor spinning.

If the pressure is lower than 20 psi and the compressor isn’t engaged, dispense the refrigerant until the clutch engages. Continue dispensing the refrigerant while keeping an eye on the pressure. The ideal pressure is 45-55 psi.

If you bought a UV kit, inspect the system for minor leaks so you can make the necessary repairs. Doing this should fix the problem, but if you do everything and still the AC doesn’t work, chances are the air conditioner is passed its lifetime. It’s time to ask Mitsubishi air conditioner installation Woodbury experts to install a new unit.

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