Oil Burner Best Practises

If you use oil to heat your home, keep your oil burner in top shape. Since the burner is different from the standard heating systems, you might have the impression that it will be different to maintain it, but this isn’t the case.

In fact, according to oil burner repair service providers, you need to do almost the same things as your regular heating appliances. Some of the things you need to do to keep your oil burner in top shape include:

Keep the area around the burner clean and free of debris

Like your furnace and any other heating appliance you might be using, you need to ensure that the area around your oil burner is clean and free of any debris.

Begin with switching off the appliance to eliminate the chances of accidents happening. You should then remove any dirt and debris that might be there and ensure that the surface is perfectly clean.

You shouldn’t only clean the areas around the oil burner but also show some love to it. Use a wet towel or any other relevant material to remove any dust and debris for the best outcome.

Once the oil burner and the area are clean, turn on the unit.

Inspect the burner regularly.

To avoid being unaware when the oil burner abruptly stops working, you should regularly inspect it for signs of wear or damage. If you find any problem, fix it immediately.

Some of the areas you should focus on when doing the inspection include the following:

Fuel filter: Inspect it for clogs and replace it if necessary.

Oil nozzle: Test for proper operation and replace if it is not functioning correctly.

Fuel pump: Check it for proper operation and replace it if it is not working correctly.

Oil lines: Inspect for blockages or damage and clean or repair as needed.

Safety controls: Test the safety controls on the burner, such as the low oil pressure switch and the high-temperature limit switch and confirm they are functioning correctly.

Chimney and flue: Inspect and clean the chimney and flue to prevent blockages and ensure proper venting.

Fuel tank: Check for leaks and repair if necessary.

Use the right oil

You should always use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturer of your oil burner. This is because using the wrong oil can damage the burner and create a safety hazard.

When buying the oil, go for a high-quality one with a low pour point. The pour point is the temperature at which the oil becomes dense and difficult to flow. You should go for low pour point oils because they are less likely to clog filters and lines in cold weather.

The oil should also have low sulfur content. The reason for this is that low sulfur oil reduces the amount of sulfur dioxide emissions, which can be harmful to the environment.

It also doesn’t hurt to ensure that the oil is light heating. This oil will be easily vaporized and burned more easily than heavier oil, making it more efficient and less polluting.

Don’t tamper with the safety controls.

Most oil burners come with safety controls meant to keep you safe. These controls include:

Low oil pressure switch: This switch shuts off the burner if the oil pressure falls below a certain level.

High-temperature limit switch: It shuts off the burner if it becomes too high.

Flame sensor: This sensor detects the presence of a flame and shuts off the burner if the flame goes out.

Fuel pump shut-off: This shuts off the pump if the burner is not operating correctly.

Emergency shutdown switch: Allows you to shut off the burner in an emergency manually.

To ensure that everything is working correctly, never tamper with these controls. If you notice a problem, don’t try to fix it, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Instead, leave the work to an experienced heating service repair Long Island professional.

Many people try to cut costs by hiring the cheapest contractor, but you shouldn’t do it as, in most cases, the cheap contractor is inexperienced, and they will most likely end up ruining your appliance.

For peace of mind, you are better off hiring an expert. The expert will be a little expensive, but they will do an excellent job.

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