What Does A Heat Pump Service Consist Of?

heat pump repair

As a responsible homeowner, you know the benefits of servicing your heat pump—you keep the appliance functioning efficiently, keep your operating costs low, extend the life of the appliance, and save money as you won’t hire an expensive heat pump repair service provider when your appliance breaks down in the middle of the night.

What does a heat pump service consist of? If you are wondering this, you should know that plenty of things go on. The most common ones being:


During the service, the technician cleans the heat pump and the area around it and ensures that there isn’t any debris that can prevent it from functioning optimally. The professional also checks the condensate drain and pan and ensures there aren’t any obstructions, leaks, or cracks.

The technician also inspects the air filter and cleans it if dirty. If the filter is too worn out, the technician replaces the filter.

Dirty blower motors and wheels hinder proper airflow, which leads to energy wastage and damage to the compressor. The technician cleans these areas and ensures that the motor draws the proper amperage.

To prevent problems that have got to do with the refrigerant’s pressure, the technician will check the fan for vibrations and motor stability.

Setting the thermostat

The thermostat significantly influences how the heat pump functions, so the technician must ensure that it’s functioning optimally. Of significant importance, the technician checks whether it’s correctly set to maximize your comfort while saving energy. If not set accordingly, the technician resets it.

While at it, the professional inspects the batteries and, if worn out, replaces them. How old is your thermostat? If it’s too old, the contractor replaces it.

Control inspections

The technician verifies that the heat pump is turning on and off appropriately and all the controls are functioning correctly. If not, the contractor checks them and fixes the problem.

As the heat pump turns on, runs, and shuts off, the specialist listens to any unusual sounds and vibrations and, if present, finds their cause and fixes it.

While at it, the technician inspects the refrigeration metering device and ensures that they aren’t hindering the heat pump’s efficiency, cooling capacity, and life. The technician also inspects the refrigerant and ensures that it has a proper charge.

The electrical wiring has a significant impact on the working of the heat pump and protecting your home from fires. The technician inspects them, cleans, and tightens the connection to ensure there are no accidents.


Lubrication reduces friction, energy losses, and resistance, so the technicians always lubricate all the moving parts to perform at peak levels.

How to keep your heat pump functioning optimally

To reduce the amount of service you have to give to your heat pump, you should take good care of it. How do you do it? Here are tips to follow:

Set at one temperature

When it comes to thermostat settings, set it at one temperature. Some people will advise you to set the thermostat based on the temperatures in the house, but this often leads to overworking of the appliance and energy loss. For the best outcome, set your thermostat at one temperature.

If using your thermostat as a setback type, limit the setbacks to twice a day, such as when you are at work and sleeping.

During the heating season, don’t set your thermostat below 65 degrees. In the cooling season, don’t set your thermostat below 70 degrees. The reason for this is to ensure that the appliance is always at top working condition and functions efficiently.

Watch where you place the heat pump.

When installing the heating appliance, be cautious of where you install it as it affects its lifespan. As a rule of thumb, don’t install it underneath a leaking gutter. For it to last for long and function efficiently, ensure that the heat pump is elevated at least 4-8 inches above ground level.

You can install it by yourself but for the best experience, have it installed by an experienced heat pump repair Ronkonkoma professional.

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