When Should I Worry About My Furnace?

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Many homeowners know that at a certain point, they will need to hire furnace repair professionals when their units develop problems. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know the signs to look out for, to tell their units need attention.

Are you asking when should I worry about my furnace? There are several situations you should be wary of. These situations include:

Rising utility bills

If you have noticed that your utility bills have gone up but haven’t installed a new appliance, it might have to do with your old or poorly maintained furnace.

When your appliance consumes a lot of energy, it’s not performing at peak efficiency. The most common culprit is dirty air filters that obstruct the furnace’s airflow, making it work overtime.

You should clean the air filters but if the problem persists, ask an experienced professional to look at it.

Water leaks

Since the furnace is a heating appliance, the last thing you expect from it is water pooling around it. You should note that water is a natural byproduct of a gas furnace, and you should first determine where the water is coming from.

If the water is coming from the furnace itself or the heating cycle, chances are that you have a complex problem that you should have addressed by an expert. One of the most complex issues you might have is a problem with the condensate line. As you can tell, this is beyond your skill level, so it’s wise to have it fixed by a pro.

Uneven heat distribution

When you put on your furnace, you expect heat in all house rooms. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If you have noticed that your furnace isn’t heating the house evenly, you have a problem that you should have fixed as soon as possible.

One of the reasons your furnace isn’t evenly distributing the heat is because it has a broken part that you should have fixed as soon as possible.

Abnormal furnace smells

It’s common for furnaces to smell like the fuel they use. The smells are apparent when you turn on the unit, but they quickly dissipate as the unit runs.

If you have had your unit on for a long time and still have a strong smell, you have a furnace problem that you should have checked.

The furnace smells come about due to several issues, such as a gas leak, excessive dust, or other problems. As a layman, this problem might be too complex for you to fix, so it’s better to have an HVAC professional look at it.

Carbon monoxide buildup

Carbon monoxide buildup is common with gas furnaces. When your furnace is running optimally, it has a blue flame. When the flame is yellow, that’s a warning sign that your appliance is producing excessive amounts of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is highly lethal, so when your appliance’s flame starts burning with a yellow flame, you should shut it and get a professional to look at it.

To avoid putting your family at risk, install carbon monoxide sensors in different areas of the house and properly maintain them in top shape.

Inadequate heat production

It’s one thing for the furnace to produce heat that doesn’t reach all areas of the house, and an entirely different game the appliance failing to produce enough heat.

If your appliance isn’t producing enough heat or it’s not producing any heat, regardless of the thermostat settings, you have an issue with your unit that you should have checked immediately.

The inadequate heat production results from several problems, such as leaking ductwork that allows treated air to escape and a faulty thermostat that doesn’t correctly communicate with your furnace unit.

This problem is most likely beyond your skill level, so it’s best to leave it to an expert that knows what they are doing.

When hiring the furnace repair service Long Island professional, don’t hire just any contractor. Hire a certified professional who knows what they are doing. This means they should have been in the industry for a long time.

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