Why Is My Ac Not Cooling All Rooms?

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Most of us have been here. Uncomfortable and sleepless hot nights, or the sweltering July afternoons in the summer. It’s never fun when your house AC is not performing as expected.

And when this happens, it won’t be on the dead cold winter, but the hottest day in summer. No matter the times you’ll try to turn down the thermostat; still, the AC won’t blow air cold enough.

The air conditioning system is more than that heat pump that the HVAC repair companies placed outside your home during installation. Typical spilt-system ACs comprise several indoor moving parts like the furnace, evaporator coil, and thermostat that connect with the outdoor units for operation.

Therefore, there are many responses as to why your Ac isn’t evenly cooling the rooms. Here is a list of possible reasons why the AC unit isn’t cooling the place evenly.

Dirty AC Filters 

Mostly, when your air conditioner isn’t cool, the house evenly results from clogged or dirty AC filters.  When the air filters remain dirty or unclean, the dirt blocks the warm and cold air paths through the air ducts. Dirt also disturbs thermostat settings, frosting the indoor coils; hence cold air is destructed from passing through to the room. Let your technician inspect the Air Conditioner regularly to avoid such occurrences.

 Malfunctioning Fan Motor 

An AC machine is fitted with a fan motor which aids in releasing the warm air from your house to the atmosphere. When this fan motor breaks down or malfunctions, the heating system breaks down, interfering with the indoor cooling system. Such an incident leads to a reduction in the cooling efficiency.

Leakage of refrigerants and Air Ducts

If you’ve ever wondered the purpose of the refrigerant inside the air conditioner in the house, you are about to get an answer. The refrigerants are very vital in collecting warm air into the Conditioner and then cool it down.

Now, if your AC machine doesn’t effectively cool the air and the filters are also clean, the system starts to leak. The ductwork must be air-tight. But if cracks appear, the refrigerants start to leak; hence, the air conditioners’ ability to cool worsens. 

Defective  Air Compressor 

Just as the human body depends on the breathing system to survive, an air compressor is the ACs lifeline.

Its main duty is to manage the air ventilation between the condenser and the evaporator. Now, if it’s defective, the whole air conditioning system may not serve to the expected level.

Unclean Outdoor Unit 

In addition to ensuring that your Air Conditioner’s filers are clean, it’s also vital to wipe the outdoor unit and prevent any possible dust and dirt accumulation. The outdoor unit is a very critical area, for it houses the evaporator and the condenser.

If the two are dirtied, warm air finds it difficult to properly pass through the system, retaining the heat and disorienting the cooling efficiency.

Older or Aging Air Conditioners

If your air conditioning unit got serviced, but it’s still not playing to the point, it is a warning pointer that the whole system has lived its life. Like air conditioners, age, their capability to cool and ventilate goes low, and then all rooms may not get enough cooling. Reach out to an expert and know more about the problem that your Ac might have.

Wrong AC unit size

Sometimes after purchasing a new AC, you will find that the calculations made during installation were wrong. The result of such a blunder is a system without enough power to cool your house during the summer season evenly.

After the evident leaks and other mechanical problems get fixed, and the problem persists, the best choice is to get supplemental cooling. It’s a catwalk to achieve even cooling with ventless air conditioners. They easily and efficiently deliver air to the areas of the room with hot spots. After mounting the indoor air handler on the wall, you can connect up to four to one condenser from outside.


Is your air conditioner not cooling your house evenly? If you determine this and you’ve exhausted all the underlined ideas, it’s time you reach out to an experienced air conditioner repair services Plainview. It’s worth living in a peaceful and comfortable house. Continuing to use an AC that is not effectively cooling your home can transform minor issues to major system failure or cause a total replacement.

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