Are Expensive HVAC Filters Worth It? Air Conditioner Repair Services Providers Answer

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Your HVAC system dehumidifies air and cools it ensuring you are comfortable. Unfortunately, dust, pet hair, dander, and other contaminants can get caught in the same air harming the cooling system and triggering your allergies. To prevent this from happening, air conditioner repair services providers recommend you ensure you are using the right air filter.

With so many air filters going at different prices, many homeowners are confused about the right ones to go for. Are expensive HVAC filters worth it? You will hear most homeowners asking.

First things first

Before we answer this question, let us first understand the role of air filters. Air filters remove large amounts of contaminants from the air ensuring the air is fresh and healthy. Even the most basic air filters catch mildew, dust, and a plethora of other contaminants.

What do expensive air conditioners do?

Expensive air filters remove larger amounts of contaminants.

Regular air filters are made from spun fiberglass while expensive filters are made from paper, polyester, or cotton. This means the expensive air filters do a better job of cleaning the air as they hold onto airborne dust and dirt much better than fiberglass.

The expensive air filters also tend to have a larger surface area to filter particulate matter. This not only means the filters trap more particulates in the air, it also means you don’t need to keep on replacing them too often.

Instead of replacing them once a month like regular filters, you can get away with replacing them once every three months.

Are expensive HVAC filters worth it?

Now that we understand what air filters are and what the expensive ones can do, let us now answer the question, Are expensive HVAC filters worth it? This will depend on your needs.

If you suffer from allergies or you have pets in the house, it’s wise you go for the expensive air filters as they will do a better job of removing the contaminants. On the other hand, if you don’t have an issue with the current air quality, don’t waste your money on expensive filters.

The best way to tell the right type of air filters to go for is to know the MERV rating you need for your house. If you are new to this, MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value which is a scale meant to rate the air conditioning filters on their ability to trap air particulates.

Most of the regular air filters have a MERV value ranging from 1-13 while the expensive filters have a rating of 13+. Before you head to the stores, ensure you know the MERV rating you need to keep your house free of contaminants.

Tips to consider when buying the expensive air filters

If you have to buy the expensive filters, ensure you buy the right ones. Some of the tips to consider when buying the filters include:

Don’t buy washable filters: When shopping for the filters, you will come across many of them. Some of the popular ones you will meet are washable filters. The manufacturing companies pose them as high end and want to sell them at the highest prices possible but you shouldn’t fall for it.

While the washable filters can last for years, they come with plenty of issues such as lower MERV ratings, need for regular maintenance, and the risk of attracting mold that might be devastating if you suffer from allergies.

Pay attention to the MERV rating: As mentioned above, you need to be cautious of the MERV rating of the air filter you should buy. Although an air filter with a higher rating might seem attractive, it might not be compatible with your furnace and air conditioner.

Before you part with your money, check the manual and see the recommended MERV rating. When buying, don’t exceed the rating as doing so will create airflow issues that can raise your utility costs and decrease the life of the air conditioner. This is of major importance in older homes that weren’t designed to use thicker air filters.

After installing the filters, you should note your work isn’t done. You still need to hire AC repair services Woodbury providers to inspect the air conditioner and fix any issues that might be present.

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