HVAC Repair Companies: Guide On How To Tell If AC Is Broken

HVAC repair companies

If this is the first time using the air conditioner, it might be hard to tell when your appliance has a problem, so you are in shock when the unit abruptly stops working in the middle of a hot day.

If only you could tell your appliance had issues and fix them early enough. According to HVAC repair companies, it’s possible to tell when your appliance has problems. Here is a guide on how to tell if AC is broken:

The rooms aren’t getting cool as they used to

Have you noticed a change in the way your room is cooling? Your heating unit might be broken. If your unit is running, the thermostat is on, but the house isn’t getting cold, you have a reason to worry as your unit might be having worn out of missing mechanical parts.

Unless you have the skills, contact your HVAC contractor to inspect the appliance and identify the cause of the problem.

The appliance is making weird noises.

Is your appliance making grating, grinding, hissing, or any other weird noises? These sounds mean something is wrong. Since most air conditioners continue functioning despite the noises, many homeowners ignore them which is wrong.

Remember, if your air conditioner is functioning optimally, it should work silently. When you notice any sound, regardless of how minor it is, contact an AC technician to look into the issue and fix it.

The air conditioner can produce a myriad of noises depending on the problematic areas. One of the most common ones is the whistling sound that resembles a boiling kettle. When your appliance is making this noise, it means the refrigerant is leaking.

Is your unit making a buzzing sound? Your appliance has electrical disruptions. Your electrical wiring might be disturbed, or you are having a problem with your electrical circuits.

Your utility bills have gone up.

Have you noticed your utility bills have been going up over the last couple of months, and you haven’t installed a new unit? Your air conditioner is functioning inefficiently, or the electric company has raised its prices. Don’t sit back and hope things will get better.

Check with the electric company, and if the cost per unit consumed hasn’t gone up, ask a technician to look into your appliance.

The appliance is emitting unpleasant odors.

Sometimes the air conditioner will produce odors that mean trouble. AC experts report that these smells are usually due to dirty filters or burning wires. If you have gone for months without cleaning the filters, it’s time to show them some love.

Luckily, you don’t need to hire a professional to help you out. Unscrew them from their location and clean them. Consider replacing them if too dirty or worn out.

There is water leakage.

Due to poor maintenance or malfunctioning internal parts, the condenser unit will freeze, and as the water melts, it begins leaking. The leakages not only damage your appliance, but your property as well, so when you notice water leakages, you should move with haste and contact an expert to look into the problem and fix it.

Irregular temperatures

A properly functioning air conditioner should distribute temperatures evenly in the house. A defective air conditioner, on the other hand, will distribute the temperatures irregularly, so you have some areas colder than others.

This problem tends to come about due to accumulated dirt in the ducts, damage to the window units, and many others.

Don’t think this problem will go away. Contact an AC technician to inspect your appliance and determine the reason for the malfunctioning.

Before you panic, check the following.

It’s recommended you hire a professional AC expert to fix the AC problems, but don’t rush to it as your appliance might be having issues that you can easily fix on your own. Before you contact the AC repair services Stony Brook professional, check whether the power is on. Also, confirm whether the thermostat batteries have expired.

When is the last time you cleaned or replaced the air filters? If it’s long, replace them. Finally, check whether you applied different settings. If all these things check out and the appliance is showing signs of problems, let a professional know about it so they can visit your home and fix it.

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