Buying a New Furnace? 5 Factors To Consider

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Are you looking to buy a new furnace for your home or office? There are plenty of factors you need to consider to buy the right unit. These factors as given by furnace service providers include:

Air quality

Although most homeowners install furnaces to heat their homes, this isn’t the only thing they provide. If you install a forced-air heating system, you benefit from controlled air quality.

As the air in the house re-circulates, it passes through an HVAC system carrying dust, pollen, and other pollutants.

This means that you need to pay attention to the nature of the air filter that your furnace has. The most common filters are: HEPA, MERV, and others.

Besides knowing the type of filter your unit has, also take time to know whether you can switch out your filter. This is so that you can know whether you can use another filter in the event you want to use a different one, or you can’t find the original one, designed for the furnace.


How efficient is your heating unit? This is critical to know as it will significantly determine your monthly energy bills. If you get an inefficient appliance, you will be spending an arm and leg on your energy bills, and vice versa.

Thankfully, you can look out for plenty of things to tell how efficient your unit is. They include:

AFUE: This stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, and the higher the number, the more fuel the furnace converts into heat. For the best outcome, go for an appliance with an AFUE between 90 and 98.5%.

Nature of combustion unit: You want a furnace with a sealed combustion unit as it will draw hot air from the outside and send it back outside, isolating the combustion process away from the house’s interior.

Energy consumption: Obviously, you want an appliance that will consume little energy while giving you the best experience. To tell the appliance’s energy consumption, you may have to consult an experienced contractor.

Size of the house

The size of your house will determine the size of the furnace you should get and how efficient the unit will run. There is no right or wrong furnace size—it all depends on the size of your house. If you aren’t sure about the right one you should buy, get the input of a professional.


Price is an essential factor to consider, but it shouldn’t be the only one. This is because if you solely base your buying decision on it, chances are high you will end up buying a unit that is too small or inefficient that you end up spending too much money maintaining it in the long term.

While a more expensive furnace is often better, it doesn’t mean that you should spend a premium on it. Before you decide, take time to visit different companies and see how much they charge the different products.

Of course, you should buy from a company selling high-quality furnaces at a low price.

Furnace bland

This is an essential factor that most homeowners don’t consider as they have the impression that the bland is a status thing.

While to some extent, it is wise that you buy a popular bland as you are sure that you will easily get replacement parts should your appliance break down. You also have peace of mind, as you know that most of your local furnace repair contractors can easily repair them.

The last thing you should do is buy a foreign furnace, and you have to import the replacement parts when it breaks down, and your repair service provider can’t fix it. You are not only stressed having the unit, but you also end up spending a fortune when the appliance breaks down.

Parting shot

There are plenty of factors to pay attention to when looking to buy a new furnace. To avoid purchasing the wrong unit, it’s wise that you go shopping in the company of an experienced heating service repair Long Island professional.

Besides the professionals helping you choose the suitable unit, they will also help you install your new appliance.

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