Can Furnace Be Installed In Attic?

Most people install their furnaces in basements, garages, and closets. If you don’t have a large basement or garage, you must be wondering whether you can install your furnace in the attic, right?

Although it’s not common, yes, you can install the furnace in the attic. You only need to ensure that the attic is properly insulated.

What are the benefits of installing the furnace in the attic?

You save a lot of space.

According to heating service repair,  you don’t need to have little space in your basement or garage to install the furnace in the attic. Even if you have ample space in these areas, you can save even more space by installing your unit in the attic.

If you are like other homeowners, the chances are that you rarely use your attic. This means that by installing the furnace in the attic, you save on the space you would have used in the basement or garage.

You have less noise

Furnaces make some noise when they are running, so by installing yours in the attic, away from the living areas, you protect yourself from the appliance’s noise. As you can tell, this means that you have a much quieter and more peaceful house.

You save money

Due to the attic location, you can install a vent right through the roof, with minimal ductwork. This means that you save money and have less ductwork to deal with.

You have peace of mind.

When you install the furnace in the basement or garage, you aren’t at peace, especially during the rainy season, as you are constantly worrying that water will get into the house and damage your appliance.

With the unit in the attic, high up there, you don’t even think about your appliance suffering from flood damage.

Drawbacks to installing the furnace in the attic

Like the two sides to a coin, several setbacks come with installing your heating appliance in the attic. They include:

The furnace might not function as efficiently as it should

If your attic is small and unconditioned, there is no way that the furnace will function efficiently as there isn’t enough air. As a result of the small space, the furnace has to work harder, so you have a high energy bill at the end of the month.

A hard-working furnace also tends to have a shorter lifespan, so it’s a matter of time before you have to replace your unit.

There is an increased risk of damage from extreme temperatures

While the attic is away from the house, it’s often hot, and these temperatures can damage your unit, especially during summer. Thankfully, you can reduce the damage by conditioning the attic.

Your appliance is at a higher risk of developing larger problems

While you have a quieter home by installing the furnace in the attic, the major flaw is that you don’t pick up the problems early enough. One of the major signs of a failing furnace is weird noises.

Since the furnace is already far away from you, you can’t hear the noises, hence you can’t tell when your appliance is going bad. This means that the problem goes on for some time and even worsens without your knowledge.

The consequence of this is you having much larger problems than are expensive to fix.

Your ductwork is at a higher risk of damage.

The attic is often the hottest part of the house, and the situation is worse in summer. Besides the high temperatures putting the appliance at the risk of temperature damage, there is also the risk of having pinhole leaks and minor tears in the ductwork.

A telltale sign of ductwork damage is decreased cooling power when running your air conditioner.

There are more regulations.

Unlike when installing the furnace in the basement or garage, there are more regulations to follow, which increases your installation cost and extends your installation time.

When can you install the furnace in the attic?

You should install the furnace in the attic when the pros outweigh the cons. When installing, ensure that the work is done by an experienced furnace service Long Island that knows what they are doing.

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